Survey: Malaysian Gamers Spent RM2.7bil On Video Games In 2019

Who said we're not spending?

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Survey: Malaysian Gamers Spent RM2.7bil On Video Games In 2019
Psst, girls; let us tell you a secret that your BF/husband doesn't want you to know.

Not that they are spending a lot of time on their smartphones, PC or consoles playing video games, they apparently spent a lot of money on them as well.

Like, a lot of money.

Malaysians are big spenders

Games market analyst site Newzoo recently revealed that Malaysians spent about USD673 million (RM2.7 billion) on video games last year.

The number, according to the survey, would put us as one of the biggest gaming markets in Southeast Asia in terms of absolute revenues.

There are about 20.1 million gamers in Malaysia, Newzoo revealed.

Here's a graph chart.
The survey, conducted in collaboration with gamescom asia, also revealed that 75 per cent of Malaysian gamers prefer gaming on their smartphones, while 66 per cent prefer the PC and 55 per cent on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

Malaysians are apparently also very OK with spending money to buy in-game items, as the study revealed that 87 per cent of them spent money on microtransactions.

Games of choice

So, what games did Malaysians played the most in 2019?

Interestingly, the market’s most popular genre is strategy, and the most popular game in that genre is 'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' as 35 per cent of the country's online urban population played the game the past six months).

The other popular game that we Malaysians seem to love is none other than 'Candy Crush Saga' and it's spin-off, 'Candy Crush Soda Saga'. 

Around 50 per cent of surveyed Malaysians said they played 'Candy Crush' in the last six months, while 46 per cent got addicted to 'Candy Crush Soda'.

If your S/O is always complaining about not having enough money every month, now you know why lah.

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