Woman Puts Up Carousell Listing To Sell Off Pet Bird She Describes As 'Smelly Idiot'

She decided to give away the bird because it bit her husband's finger.

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Woman Puts Up Carousell Listing To Sell Off Pet Bird She Describes As 'Smelly Idiot'

Such a stinky owner.

Just because you have a Carousell account and want to sell something, doesn’t mean that you can sell everything under the sun.

A Carousell seller has drawn flak from netizens for putting up her pet parrot for ‘sale’ on the site and calling it a "smelly idiot".

According to a report in Mothership, the seller put up the listing as “Giving away this smelly idiot”, indicating that she was giving away the bird for free.

The poor parrot!

Bitter and rude

She wrote in the description that the bird had bitten her husband’s finger, and that's the reason why she wanted to get rid of it.

The woman also included in the description that she hoped the bird gets a "very fierce owner who can show this idiot who is boss".

She also added comments on how the "smelly idiot is very horrible" and that she was giving the "smelly idiot away with his dirty cage and smelly toys".

What a thing to say!

Someone replied to the listing

A concerned netizen later shared screenshots of the disturbing listing in the 'STOP Animal Abuse in SG' Facebook group.

Several group members then tried to contact the seller to save the poor bird, but they found out that she managed to give the bird away through the listing.

No one knows the identity of the new owner but we hope that bird is in good hands and no longer has to deal with an irrationally emotional owner whose favourite word seems to be 'idiot'. 

Perhaps it is a word that she can most identify with. 😝

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