Taiwanese Shows Are Cutting Kissing Scenes Because Of Covid-19

Short and sweet pecks preferred

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Taiwanese Shows Are Cutting Kissing Scenes Because Of Covid-19

No, just no.

With the deadly Covid-19 spreading at a rapid pace, many individuals and organisations have taken extra precautions to stay as safe as possible.

According to a report in Mothership quoting United Daily News, in Taiwan, television stations are barring actors there from doing intimate scenes.

The report said a Taiwanese TV series called Golden City which initially planned to shoot a scene where actress Mia Chiu and actor Jun Fu passionately kiss turned it into a peck on the lips instead. 

No kissing, just pine from afar please.Another Taiwanese TV show, Sweet Family also reportedly cut short its intimate scenes and decided to avoid filming in crowded places.

Smooching making actors uncomfortable

One television show, The Wonder Woman, however, went ahead with shooting an intimate scene recently which left its actors feeling 'uncomfortable'.

Apparently, the show's main actor Wes Lo had the flu and ended up infecting graduate actor Aviss Zhong. Everyone got a little worried after that.


It may be a little over the top, but we guess it makes sense. Less contact, less spread of disease.  

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