This Photo Of Two Mice Fighting In A Subway Just Won A Photography Contest

Beauty shot.

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This Photo Of Two Mice Fighting In A Subway Just Won A Photography Contest
Natural History Museum

Why fight? Can't they talk this over?

Any photographer would tell you that the key to capturing a picture-perfect moment is 90 per cent patience and 10 per cent luck.

In fact, it involves a whole lot of hard work too.

Case in point: one photographer had to spend days to capture an incredible picture, but it's totally worth it in the end.

One-in-a-lifetime shot

A picture depicting two little mice fighting over some left over crumbs taken in a subway station has won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 55 Lumix People's Choice Award

Called the 'Station Squabble', the picture was chosen from over 48,000 submitted images and 25 finalists.

Let them fight.
The picture was taken by wildlife filmmaker and photographer Sam Rowley, who told CNET that he spent five nights at the London Underground taking pictures of the little creatures.

According to Rowley, the fight between the two mice lasted no more than a split-second, but he is extremely happy with his shot.

"I’m so pleased to win this award. It’s been a lifetime dream to succeed in this competition in this way, with such a relatable photo taken in such an everyday environment in my hometown," he was quoted as saying.

It does require a little bit of luck.
Rowley told National History Museum that it was challenging capturing the moment.

The near-constant roar of trains passing, on top of people walking along the platform, would usually send the mice bolting for cover.

If you happen to be in London, you can check out Rowley's award-winning picture with your own eyes as it will be displayed in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum until 31 May.

BRB, we're gonna camp out at a backlane in Subang. We heard there are a lot of rats there.

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