6 Totally Instagrammable Places In Klang Valley You Probably Didn't Know Existed

#OOTD time.

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6 Totally Instagrammable Places In Klang Valley You Probably Didn't Know Existed
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Could this be your new Instagram spot?

Love taking photos and showing them off on your social media feed?

We love to do that too, and that means that we know the struggle too: you do not know a lot of Instagram-worthy places to take pictures at.

Don't worry, pretty picture-loving friends; we are here to help!

Forget the usual Batu Caves or Kwan Chai Hong; there are plenty more hidden Instagram-worthy spots in Klang Valley that you may or may not know existed.

So, time to charge all your batteries, pack your powerbanks, wear your flashiest outfits and head to these places for some awesome #OOTD shots:

#1 PPR Sri Tioman Courts (Taman Melati) 

Colourful court for a colourful Insta feed.
If you've seen pictures of the popular and extremely colourful Choi Hung Estate in Hong Kong (who hasn't?) and you're sad because you haven't been there before, don't worry; we have something similar in Kuala Lumpur.

Located in Taman Melati, the PPR Sri Tioman flats boast two colourful, totally Instagrammable courts.

More colourful than your house.
The courts boast abstract designs in bold colours, and if you manage to find the best angles to take your #OOTD pictures, it will definitely give your Instagram some really nice colours.

How to get there:

#2 Sasana Kijang (Kuala Lumpur)

Stairway to Instagram heaven.
We wouldn't believe anyone who directs us to Bank Negara if we want to take some #OOTD shots for Instagram, but thankfully, we're not really good listeners. The Sasana Kijang is low-key one of KL's most beautiful modern offices. It was established by Bank Negara in 2011 as a centre of knowledge and learning excellence - and now, an Instagram hotspot, apparently.

It features a totally Instagrammable spiral staircase, and its diamond-shaped windows can also be used as a nice backdrop.

Note the Insta-worthiness of this location.
Bonus: check out their art gallery for more Insta-worthy spots, especially the banknotes section.

How to get there:

#3 Elmina Valley Rainbow Bridge (Shah Alam)

Putting some colours into your life.
If you can't get enough colours in your life (and your Instagram feed), the Elmina Valley Rainbow Bridge is another place to check out. Built by reputable construction company Sime Darby, the Rainbow Bridge is located in the new township of Elmina City.

Like its name suggests, the bars on the bridge is made up of the colours of a rainbow.

The rainbow of your life?
Wanna know how beautiful this place is? A fellow Malaysian shot a video here and it won the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge. Spend a morning here and we guarantee that you'll have enough colours for that black, cold heart of yours.

How to get there:


#4 Laman Seni 7 (Shah Alam)

Malaysia's new graffiti lane.
Speaking of Shah Alam, another Insta-worthy spots you Instagrammers should check out is Laman Seni 7.

Reportedly inspired by Beijing's 798 Art Zone, the Laman Seni 7 is an effort by the local city council to turn the back alleys of the industrial streets into an art space where young artists can display their masterpieces.

Support your local artists, guys!
If you, like us, love murals and graffitis adorning the walls of a back alley, then Laman Seni 7 is a place you die-die must check out.

How to get there:

#5 Jalan Alor Street Art (Bukit Bintang)

Paint your love.
When one mentions Jalan Alor, street food comes to mind (Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings ftw!). But if you're not there for the food, check out the street arts that now adorn the backlanes of Jalan Alor. From light installations to colourful murals and 3D arts, Jalan Alor is now a legit Instagram-worthy spot.
Not a single rain cloud here.
Once you've spent hours taking #OOTD pictures, then you can chow down on some chicken wings. Sounds like a good weekend plan, right? 

How to get there:

#6 Nu Sentral Overhead Bridge (KL Sentral)

The most famous escalator in KL.
OK, this location might not be as hidden as before, but it is still Instagram-worthy nonetheless. The gorgeous overhead bridge, designed by GDP Architects, links the Nu Sentral Mall with the Monorail station.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?
The symmetrical design of the overhead bridge is beautiful to look at, and with plenty of natural lighting, you won't have any problems capturing the perfect pictures for your Instagram account.

How to get there:

So, which one of these spots will you be invading this weekend?

Share with us some of your most favourite shots in the comment section below. Who knows, we might just give you a 'Like'

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