60,000 People Tuned In To Watch This Malaysian Man Sleeping Live On Facebook

Why though?

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60,000 People Tuned In To Watch This Malaysian Man Sleeping Live On Facebook

The Magical Sleeping Live Stream Magician of Kluang

People usually live stream important events or announcements on social media.

However, one man, an unexpected yet ingenious individual, decided to share what he does in private, with other social media users.

He recently live-streamed himself sleeping at his home in Kluang - and that's not even the best part!

Over 60,000 people actually tuned in to watch the man known as AC Hami as he lazed around in bed!

Excited and happy to make new friends

Rojak Daily managed to speak to AC Hami, whose real name is Koh Yew Wei.

When asked how he felt about his popular video, he said that he felt happy and excited.

"This is the fourth time that I have live-streamed myself sleeping. There's no particular reason why I do it. I was just tired that day and decided to sleep and record it," said the 20-year-old, who works at a cyber cafe in Kluang.

The sleeping sensation.
Koh also said that IRL, he didn't have many friends but because of the viral video, he now has a large number of online pals to chat with.

"My dream is to start my very own vlog and become a famous YouTuber one day,"he said.

Thousands tuned in to watch

According to a report by Malay Mail, the one hour and 40-minute Facebook broadcast managed to garner close to 2,000 reactions and thousands of comments.

 “Sleeping live and you have over 500 people watching. I salute you,” said Cass Wong.

“Why do you wear jeans in bed?” joked Wilson Ng.

In viral the post, Koh, whom we have now renamed as the Magical Sleeping Live Stream Magician of Kluang, had some wise words to share with his thousands of viewers.

“Take a deep breath, open your mouth, and then slowly exhale. Repeat three times. If you faint, don't blame me."

“I think of a blank picture in my mind, and then I think of a square. One more, and more and more and eventually I will fall asleep,” he wrote in a post.

So disciples, take in the wise words, process it and sleep your way to fame (if you want to) just like wise Koh. 

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