You Can Now Buy A Face Mask With Your Face On So That You Can Unlock Your Phone

Creative or creepy?

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You Can Now Buy A Face Mask With Your Face On So That You Can Unlock Your Phone

Just like your face.

No thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, face masks are now a very hot commodity, and they've been selling out almost everywhere.

Of course, when there's a high demand for something, there's always someone who will come up with a great idea to cash in on the rush.

Like this San Francisco-based artist, for example.

Still a work in progress

The artist, Danielle Baskin, recently announced on Twitter that she has come up with a service that prints people’s faces on an N95 mask.

On top of protecting wearers from viral epidemics, it would also enable them to unlock their mobile devices.

That's actually pretty genius.
According to a report by MensXP, which quoted Baskin’s interview with The Daily Dot, she came up with the idea after a discussion with her friends about the growing prevalence of surgical masks and ways to utilise technologies such as Face ID to unlock a mobile phone.

She later set up a website called to market the personalised masks.

“The product is becoming viral, unfortunately,” she said.

“Even though the website clearly reads as dystopian late-stage capitalism, over 100 people asked to be on the waitlist to get a mask when the product launches,” she said.

We want 10, please!
She also said that despite the demand, she wouldn’t produce the masks yet while there’s still a global mask shortage.

Apart from the shortage issue, she added that the printing process must first be mastered to ensure that a realistic look is obtained.

“Secondly, the masks must be tested against the facial recognition technologies utilised in numerous modern phones,” said Baskin.

However, she did reveal that the product, when launched, will have elastic bands that match the buyer’s skin tone and printed with non-toxic dyes.

We have a feeling that these masks will sell out like hot cakes.

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