Seoul To Turn 'Parasite' Shooting Locations Into Tourist Sites

A closer look for fans

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Seoul To Turn 'Parasite' Shooting Locations Into Tourist Sites

Immerse yourself in 'Parasite'.

Are you a huge fan of Bong Joon-ho's Oscar-winning movie 'Parasite'?

If you are, you can soon get up close and personal with some of the iconic scenes from the movie as the peeps in Seoul are planning to turn them into tourist sites.


According to a report by The Korea Times, the Seoul Metropolitan Government are working towards promoting four locations associated with the movie.

The sites include:

  • The Doaejissal corner store in Mapo District, where the first scene of the film was shot.


  • The stairs near the store where Kim Ki-jeong buys peaches before heading to the Park's house.


  • The stairs at Jahamun Tunnel in Jongno District which was used by the Kim family to return home from the Park's house. 


  • The Sky Pizza restaurant in Dongjak District which donated the stacks of pizza boxes for the movie.

r.PNGA guided tour in the works as well

City officials said that they were also putting together a guided tour for fans of the movie which should be available in March.

Other than the Seoul local government, officials in Goyang (it's a city in the northern outskirts of Seoul in Gyeonggi Province) are also setting up tourist sites based on 'Parasite' shooting locations there. 

Goyang officials said that they were planning to restore the main set where a flooding scene was filmed for the movie.

'Parasite' recently made Oscar history when it became the first foreign-language movie to bag the Best Picture award. 

The movie also won Oscars for Best Original Screenplay, Best International Feature Film and Best Director.

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