Nespresso Introduces Italy-Inspired Coffee Range: Ispirazione Italiana

Each bland is inspired by different regions in Italy

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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Nespresso Introduces Italy-Inspired Coffee Range: Ispirazione Italiana

If you're a massive coffee addict like us, this should come as a cup of good news.

Nespresso introduced a new coffee range inspired by Italy called the Ispirazione Italiana.

There are seven blends in the range, two of them brand new, and each one are inspired by the culture and the coffee traditions of Italy’s cities: Rome, Florence, Palermo, Naples, Genova and Venice.

To introduce the new range, Nespresso invited the media and some guests to Ruma Hotel and Residences, where we got to taste the coffee, learn to make coffee desserts and drinks, as well as try out Nespresso's new machine.

Award-winning barista Shaun Liew showing guests how it's done
Hands-on experience
We have to say that it was a smart way of introducing the products as by the end of the event, we wanted a machine for ourselves so we could make yummy coffee desserts and coffee-infused drinks. 

Plus, we found out that you can actually recycle Nespresso coffee pods. Since we've always felt a little guilty about getting a coffee machine that used pods that can't be recycled, this came as a welcomed news. 

You can either drop off the pods when you're buying new stock at Nespresso outlets or hand it over when you get your coffee pods delivered. 

But we digress. Back to the new range of coffee.

The two new blends available in the range are Ispirazione Napoli and Ispirazione Venezia.

Ispirazione Napoli is inspired by the Naples, where short, strong and dark creamy brew is well appreciated.

"Leavened with Robusta beans, the result is a velvety, creamy cup with an extremely thick body and delicious bitter notes that linger in its aftertaste," a statement by Nespresso states. 

Ispirazione Venezia, on the other hand, is delicately aromatic, with all elements balanced harmoniously, a caramel notes and thick body. 

The rest of the blends in the range, a Nespresso fan would be familiar with. Each has different intensity and offers subtly different flavours that'll keep you excited about your morning cuppa. You can find out more about them here

Nespresso Malaysia’s Business Executive Office Geoffrey Dalziel said for over 30 years, Nespresso's team, comprised of coffee roasters, sensory experts, food scientists and engineers have embarked on a journey to create a selection of blends that are inspired by Italy’s rich historical coffee culture.

"With Malaysian coffee aficionados enjoying high-quality coffee on the rise, we’re so pleased to have curated a permanent collection that focuses on telling the richer story of Nespresso and enable Malaysian consumers to reproduce and enjoy the same style of coffees that they would find in an Italian bar,” he said during the event. 

Besides the new coffee range, Nespresso also introduced Essenza Plus machine. The machine comes in four styles; the rectangular shape in Limousine Black or Off White, as well as the Limousine Black or Cherry Red with a rounded finish.

Nespresso is available in The Gardens Mall and 1 Utama Shopping Mall. 

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