YouTuber Tries To Survive On RM4 Meals In S'pore, Ends Up Eating Kueh Meant For Offering

Wait, what!

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YouTuber Tries To Survive On RM4 Meals In S'pore, Ends Up Eating Kueh Meant For Offering

Oops! Share share the kueh with the hungry ghosts kah?

Those who have travelled to Singapore before would know how expensive food in the country can be.

After all, it wasn’t called the most expensive city to live in the world, for nothing.

In an attempt to debunk this, an American YouTuber called Bobby Briskey, sets out on a mission to survive on S$1 (RM3.02) meals in the city.

Harder than it looks

According to Mothership, Briskey visited Maxwell Food Centre first where he managed to find a food item that fit his budget – an ang ku kueh that costed him S$0.60.

Interesting texture.
Then he moved on to Little India where he asked around for recommendations on where to get S$1 Indian street food.

He ended up at a stall selling mutton curry with chapati for S$1.

So far so good!

Next, he visited the Tampines Giant hypermart.

There, Briskey picked out huat kueh (S$0.95), a pack of chicken rings and a small serving of dosai (S$1).

While he enjoyed the other two dishes, he called the huat kueh the “most greasy cake” he had ever seen.

Interesting choice.
While he definitely managed to stick to his budget, viewers posting comments on his video were quick to point out that huat kueh was not usually eaten but used as an offering during the Hungry Ghost Festival!


A few users however added that there was no real harm eating the kueh.

So, we guess  no harm done in the end. 

At Rojak Daily though, we love being penny-wise but we also strongly believe that you should never ever EVER stinge on food! LOL

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