Cry? Nope! Picture Of Scowling Newborn Baby Goes Viral

We feel you baby!

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Cry? Nope! Picture Of Scowling Newborn Baby Goes Viral

What you lookin' at doc?

Cry? Nah, that's too common, I'll stare (nay, give the death stare) instead.

A picture of precious Isabela Pereira de Jesus purportedly frowning and staring at the doctor seconds after she was born at the Rio de Janeiro hospital in Brazil has gone viral.

The frowning baby

Why's you take me out?
Her unimpressed frown was captured by professional photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann, who was hired by her mother Daiane de Jesus Barbosa and made the doctors smile.

“She opened her eyes wide but did not cry.

“The doctor even had to say, 'cry, Isa!' She made that serious expression and only started crying after the umbilical cord was cut,” Kunstmann told Daily Mail Online, as quoted by Malay Mail.

I ain't no cry baby!

The internet loved the shot

Kunstmann later uploaded Isabelle’s photo on his Facebook page, and the shot went viral with Internet users jokingly posting memes and attempting to voice out Isabella's possible feelings.


"You people have some 'splainin' to do!" posted Melanie C Norman.

“Put me back! It's not what I expected out here!” posted Nicole Tomassi.

“How else should you feel when you're being evicted from the only home you've ever known?”wrote facebook user Dawn Arnold.

What an unforgettable first entry.

We have a feeling that you're going to be a fierce one little Isabela.

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