Crazy Things Done In The Name of Love

How far are you willing to go for the sake of love?

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Crazy Things Done In The Name of Love

Have you ever been so blinded by love that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them? And if you have, what are the craziest things you’ve done for the sake of love? Indeed, love makes us do crazy things and it even overshadows reality sometimes! Either getting a tattoo of our lover’s name and regretting it later or sneaking out of the house to meet our high school crush, we all have that special someone that we would take a bullet for. Anywho, here are some examples of crazy things people have done for the sake of love.

#1 “I Rug You”

When her friends told her she should probably marry the rug if she loved it so much, Bekki Cocks took it literally! Yup, you read it right! This woman really held a ceremony to celebrate her marriage with her beloved man furniture and called him it MAT! According to her, she spent so much time looking after the rug including cleaning and vacuuming it and making sure it looks its best to the point that she couldn’t imagine being without it. CRAZY? But whatever makes her happy, right?


#2 Till Death Do Us Part


Alexey Bykov wished to propose to his girlfriend but he wanted to make sure if she really loved him and would take the whole "'Till death do us part” thing seriously. He then decided that it’s a good idea to stage his own death and hire a team of filmmakers to help him reach his motive. After several carnage, ambulance and smoke later, just when she thought it’s all over, he finally popped the question and to everyone’s surprise, SHE SAID YES! 


#3 Miles of LOVE


Awwwwww…Love is such a beautiful feeling and it moves people to do beautiful things! Just look at this man’s unique and lovely way of expressing his undying love towards his late wife. 

In memory of his wife who died from cancer, Don Jaquish Jr. planted miles of his wife’s favourite flower along 7km of a highway in Wisconsin! What moved him to do it? During her early days of battling cancer, she told him that she wished to have several hundred acres of sunflowers planted and have the harvest to be sold as birdseed and for cancer research purposes. And with the beauty of love, he delivered!

PS: Boys, if you’re the kind to give your girl flowers on every special occasion and think that’s romantic enough, you probably need to rethink and… step up your game!

#4 In Loving Memory

Grieving is a painful journey and it isn’t any easier especially when it’s due to the loss of our loved ones. A caring daughter, Melia gave her dad a very creative and thoughtful gift for Christmas when she put her grandmother’s voice (whom her dad missed so much) in a bear.


According to Melia, her dad missed his mother so much and refused to get an iPhone because her final voicemail couldn’t be transferred from his android phone to an iPhone. But now, with her voice recording transferred into a stuffed bear, it’s almost like she’s never gone.

There you go! Bizarre things people do powered by LOVE. Have you done any of these crazy things for the people you love? If you haven’t, what’s stopping you? And, be sure to learn more about love and watch Hello I have Issues on Astro Hello Channel 110 and On-Demand.


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