Najib Says He’s Doing #DuaKerja By Modelling For Upcoming Baju Raya Collection

He’s definitely not ‘malu’, bossku.

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Najib Says He’s Doing #DuaKerja By Modelling For Upcoming Baju Raya Collection
Kurta MAB

Do you think he looks good?

Remember the whole #DuaKerja thing introduced by former minister, Ahmad Maslan, back in 2015?
The concept was introduced to Malaysians and to encourage them to do two jobs in order to combat the increasing living costs.
Well, five years later, it seems that another former minister has decided to do #DuaKerja – Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Supporting young entrepreneurs

In a recent viral posting, Najib is seen modelling some kurtas for the brand synonym with his tagline, MaluAperrr Bossku.

He says that he has been working out to keep fit and has agreed to help young entrepreneurs in the country who has been supporting him from the start.
The posting on Najib’s official Facebook page has garnered over 100,000 likes, close to 10,000 comments, and more than 4,500 shares.
Many Malaysians were amused with the move and others praised him for jumping on the #DuaKerja bandwagon:
There were also several hilarious comments saying he looks “hot” as a model and that it was rare someone would hire a model of his age.
The Raya kurta collection comes in seven colour and will be released soon.

Several Malaysians have expressed their interest in buying one, thanks to Najib.

So, the real question is, are you going to buy one (or more) soon?

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