Face Masks Sold Out? Make One Using Your Bra, Like How This Japanese Model Did


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Face Masks Sold Out? Make One Using Your Bra, Like How This Japanese Model Did
Twitter/Asahina Yumeno

One bra, two masks.

Just when we thought we've seen the worse of the Covid-19 outbreak, the coronavirus said 'nope!', raised its middle finger and continue to infect more than 110,000 people around the world to date.

With the virus now invading European and American cities, people are now in panic mode, so we can be sure to expect more panic buying (like our friends from Singapore).

Face masks, hand sanitisers and even toilet paper are now flying off the shelves, and if you're in the market for these items, well, good luck trying to bring some home.

Don't worry; a Japanese model has just taught us how to make our very own face masks. 

Do-it-yourself face masks

Asahina Yumeno recently took to Twitter to teach people how to make their very own face masks using a bra, some thread and a needle.

This is the original garment (you can use a lacy pair for that extra flair):

Step one: find a bra (sorry, guys).
And this is what it looks like after Asahina is done with it:

Step 2: Look awesome with your lacey bra.

Step 3: Strut your design.
According to the step-by-step guide provided by Asahina, you would first need to cut the bra in half. 

Then, cut away the back band, the straps (except for the one that's attached to your 'mask') and the hooks.

Once that's done, you would need to prep your needle and thread and sew the straps back into the cup, making sure that you can hook them around your ears for a comfortable fit.

If that is a little bit too hard to follow, don't worry; here's a visual guide:

Some assemblies required.
Asahina's tweet has so far racked up more than 16,000 retweets and 70,000 likes. 

Thanks to one creative Japanese, you now need not spend unnecassary money on face masks as you can make your very own from the comfort of your own home.

You can check out her original tweet here:
You can always trust the Japanese to come up with some creative innovation, right?

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