Laugh Your Socks Off With Asia's Top Comedy Queens In Special One Night Only Malaysia Show

Comedy with a female twist.

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Laugh Your Socks Off With Asia's Top Comedy Queens In Special One Night Only Malaysia Show
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The comedy queens from around the region

Intelligent and 'sorry not sorry' kinda comedy from a kick-ass female perspective.

That's precisely what will be served on a beautiful, delicious and tummy-tickling platter for the Queens of Asia Comedy Special.

With over 40 years of comedic experience between them, the show, a first to showcase an all-female lineup, will feature Malaysia's comedy Queen Joanne Kam and top international comedians Aditi Mittal from India, Yumi Nagashima from Japan and Sharul Channa from Singapore.

The queens

"Comedy scenes not only in Malaysia but the world over remained male-dominated for the longest time. Male comics were the main features of comedy shows while female comics were restricted to add-on roles merely to fill in gaps," said Joanne who produced the showcase.

Joanne, however, added that female comedians were making an impact, especially in the last few years.

"2020 is a year to celebrate women and their achievements and my aim is to do my part to amplify this through an empowering showcase of Asia's top comedy queens performing on one stage for the first time ever, in conjunction with International Woman's Month," she said.

Covid-19 concerns? Don't worry, we've got your back

On Covid-19 concerns, all four comedians were very optimistic as ticket sales were good.

"We're taking all the necessary precautions. The whole event space will be sanitised. We will be checking the temperature of all the attendees and we will also be sanitising ourselves - twice," Joanne joked.

It's no joke. Measures taken by the organisers of the event.

She added that at the end of the day, the ticket sales showed that life still goes on and that people still wanted to be entertained.

"Every time something very negative happens, comedy is the first thing people seek out for," she said while jovially adding that the most important thing is that Malaysia still had more than enough toilet paper!

A showcase of unique comedic material

All four comedy queens will be bringing their own flair, comedic angles and hilarious stories for the showcase which will happen this Friday, 13 March (Which is just one day away ya guys!)

On future plans, Joanne said that the four were definitely going to work on more collaborations and shows in the region.

The queens all set to bring the house down!

"This is the first time that we have an all-female team and the ticket sales show that people love the combination.

"In fact, our next showcase will be in Singapore for the Magners Festival. All the males have pulled out (because of Covid-19) but we've decided, don't care. We're going to be there!" she said.

The exclusive female empowered comedy extravaganza will happen at the HGH Convention Centre Sentul at 8.30pm on 13 March.

Tickets can be purchased at or you can even WhatsApp 010 2700 172.

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