Yuna Fronts Coach's Latest Campaign Alongside JLo And Micheal B Jordan

International fame!

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Yuna Fronts Coach's Latest Campaign Alongside JLo And Micheal B Jordan
Coach and Yuna on Instagram

Coach buddies.

If you are a fan of singer Yuna, you’d be proud to know that she is part of high end fashion brand Coach's latest campaign, alongside several Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Lopez.

New Straits Times reported that Yuna became the only Malaysian celebrity to appear in Coach's ‘Originals Go Their Own Way’ campaign.

Apart from Yuna and JLo, the brand also features Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan as the face of the new campaign.

Yuna made the big announcement on her Instagram page recently.

"Being an original is doing something that no one thought of doing in the first place. Just following your guts despite people thinking you’re weird or out of place.

"What matters is this, you believed in yourself and you know that you got something special to share with the world.

"Thanks for including me Coach, this is so cool. I get to be in the same video as my shero Jennifer Lopez,” she said in the caption.

Malaysians excited and proud

Malaysian netizens couldn’t help but admire how far the singer has come in her career.

"That's my girl Yuna. You rock!" said Mara.

"Yes! Well done Yuna. Malaysia boleh!" said Nani.

"Take more photos with Jennifer Lopez please. You're a world famous icon now, and I'm so proud of you," said Farah.

We are proud of you too Yuna!

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