Vivy Yusof Helped Raise RM100k Overnight For COVID-19 Patients And Frontliners

Malaysians are so kind <3

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Vivy Yusof Helped Raise RM100k Overnight For COVID-19 Patients And Frontliners
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Thank you Vivy and team, my Allah reward you greatly!

A few days ago, prior to the Movement Control Order coming into full effect, business mogul and influencer Vivy Yusof shared a photo of her donation of a few units of portable air conditioners to Hospital Serdang and said that a few more will be sent to other hospitals as well.
The photo received great feedback from her followers who sang praises for her efforts to help COVID-19 frontliners, patients, and hospital staff members, prompting Malaysians to express their interest in donating as well.
This that then led to the dUCk Group founder setting up a support fund with Dr. Musa Nordin and IMAM Response and Relief Team (IMARET) to help those who are affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

After learning about the amazing things that hospital staff/volunteers are doing, @fadzaanuar and I felt the need to do something. I reached out to ask what equipments they need and decided to contribute some portable airconds for them, in the name of everyone at FV. These were delivered today to Hospital Serdang, and Insyaallah more to come. We are seeing how to contribute to other hospitals combatting covid19 too, lots of FV people are interested to help! We complain how hot it is outside after 2 minutes of being outside, can you imagine what they go through wearing the whole hospital suit covered from head to toe. Thank you for all that you do for society, so proud to be a part of a community that cares and loves for one another. ❤ (Thank you @syedzainalsmt for helping me reach out and Kak Noordini for liaising for me) #covid19

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“As Covid-19 cases rise, hospitals wont be able to cope so we need to act fast to get our hospitals ready and make the patients, staff and volunteers' lives as comfortable as possible,” Vivy said in an Instagram post.
“They are the frontliners combatting COVID-19 for us and this is the least we can do for them and our country.”
Fans and celebrity friends thanked her for setting up the fund, and some were moved by her gesture to help those in need.

 The Power Of Vivy (And Social Media!)

And in just one night, Vivy’s COVID-19 support fund has collected over RM100,000 from donors across the country.

“In one night, we raised 100K together guys. Thank you so much to all you kind hearted Malaysians ever ready to help!”

“Last night we donated a laptop and food supplies so now with your help we can do even more to more hospitals out there. So proud to be a part of your community, you guys are amazing! And to our frontliners, you guys are our angels.”
Now, this is a prime example of social media influencing done right, especially during this testing period.
To Vivy and everyone who helped out
We hope that other celebrities and influencers will follow suit to help ease the situation for those affected by the Coronavirus.
Congrats and thank you, Vivy, for your noble efforts!

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