Spanish Man Tries To Beat Lockdown Dressed In Full T-Rex Suit, Gets Stopped By Cops

But why?

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Spanish Man Tries To Beat Lockdown Dressed In Full T-Rex Suit, Gets Stopped By Cops

Wait, T-Rexes can't go out too?

In Malaysia, the Movement Control Order (MCO) is currently in effect, meaning that Malaysians are ordered to limit their movements and stay at home.

However, in countries like Italy and Spain, the COVID-19 situation is a little bit more severe as the governments have imposed a strict lockdown rule to minimise the spread of the virus.

That didn't stop one Spanish man from walking down the streets of a full T-Rex costume!

A lost dino?

Where do you think you're going, sir?
According to a report by The Sun, the man was caught on camera strolling down one of the residential streets in the Vistalegre neighbourhood.

However, his little adventure was shortlived as just moments later, he was stopped by a police officer and was given a strict lecture about unnecesary leaving his home, in a T-Rex costume nonetheless.

His adventure didn't last very long.
The man reportedly got away with just a warning, and he was ordered to head straight back to Jurassic Park his house.

The Police Department of Murcia later released the footage online, epicly accompanied by the soundtrack of 'Jurassic Park' (#winning):
“During the state of alarm, walking pets is allowed if they are accompanied by a person. Taking short walks can help them relieve themselves. However, having a Tyrannosaurus Rex complex is not covered. #stayathome,” the police tweeted.

After the tweet went viral, another video of presumably the same man in the same T-Rex suit has surfaced, this time showing him taking out the trash:
The video prompted netizens to speculate that the man uses the T-Rex suit as a preventive measure against the virus.

It's better to be extra but safe, right?

Having said that, do remember to stay at home and minimise your movements yeah, guys?

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