Here’s How To Make The Viral Dalgona Coffee That Everyone’s Doing Since The MCO

After MCO is over, can open café lah.

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Here’s How To Make The Viral Dalgona Coffee That Everyone’s Doing Since The MCO
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Have you tried doing it yet?

Today marks the sixth day since the government introduced the Movement Control Order (MCO) on 18 March to help curb the spread of COVID-19.
Since everyone is staying home, Malaysians are finding ways to fill up their time.
And one of the things that apparently almost everyone is doing and posting on social media right now is making the viral Dalgona Coffee.
Looks yummy!

What exactly is Dalgona Coffee?

The world was first introduced to the Dalgona Coffee when the trend recently went viral on social media site TikTok.

It is basically a cup of coffee made up of a layer of milk topped with a thick layer of coffee foam, which you can make by by vigorously mixing instant coffee, sugar, and water. 

A Korean YouTuber by the name of 뚤기ddulgi posted a tutorial on how to make Dalgona Coffee, and it's now most viewed dalgona coffee video on the platform, with over 3.2 million views. 


How to make your own?

The Dalgona Coffee is so easy to make, it takes two steps and five ingredients.
First, you mix two tablespoons of coffee powder (any brand of your choice), two teaspoons of sugar, pour in a little hot water, and whip the mixture until it gets thick and frothy.
Once it reaches the right consistency, just pour it in a glass that has been pre-filled with some milk and ice and voila: it’s ready to be served.
Mix, whip, pour!
Easy peasy, right? You can also adjust the coffee or sugar levels to your liking.
Here’s some of the Dalgona Coffee made by Malaysians to show you how simple it is to make:
Not a coffee lover? Fret not, as some netizens have used the same recipe but substituting coffee with Milo powder. But be sure to add a little ovalette (cake stabiliser) before whipping it so that you’ll get that silky, smooth texture.
So, who knows, once the MCO is over, all of us can become baristas and open our own cafés!

Happy experimenting, fellow Malaysians!

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