Sabah Man Spotted Walking His Adorable Doggo In Full T-Rex Suit


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Sabah Man Spotted Walking His Adorable Doggo In Full T-Rex Suit
Facebook/Samantha Wilhelmina

Dino walks doggo, doggo is happy.

During these extremely difficult times, restricted movements are a must.

That's why the Movement Control Order was put into place, to make sure that Malaysians stay put where they are, which is home.

However, certain exceptions are given, like if you need to go out on a grocery run and to a certain extent, walking your pets, providing that you make sure that you maintain social distancing and you sanitise yourself after reaching home.

This man in Sabah, however, took full precaution when walking his pet doggo.

Dino walking a doggo

We don't know who's cuter.

So, we declare both also cute.
A video clip showing a man dressed in a full T-Rex suit has gone viral on social media.

The kinda adorable video and pictures were uploaded onto Facebook by user Samantha Wilhelmina on Sunday (22 March).

According to Samantha, the video clip and several pictures of a man walking his beagle was captured in Taman Hilltop in Kota Kinabalu.

Her post has since gone viral, having amassed more than 3,700 shares on the social media site, with many netizens going 'aww' over the adorable scene.

Whoever you are, sir, you're definitely doing it right (oh, say hi to your adorable doggo for us!), not like this guy in Spain who got stopped by the police for prancing around in a T-Rex suit:

He's not the only one

It seems like donning a T-Rex suit to run errands seems to be a thing in Malaysia, as local actress Betty Rahmad shared a video of her grocery shopping in a T-Rex suit on her Instagram page recently:

Social distancing done right.

That's it lah, we're convinced! Anyone knows here to get one of those T-Rex suits ah? We urgently need one for our next shopping trip.

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