Outrageous Food Challenges Around The World

Do you have an endless pit in your belly?

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Outrageous Food Challenges Around The World


Food is naturally a magnet that brings people together. From small social gatherings to huge events, it’s undeniably one of the best ways to get a crowd’s attention and food challenges is just the idea we’re referring to.



I’m sure we are all familiar with food challenges, right? It’s been going on for ages! We have seen a ton of videos on Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram of people doing challenges like the ‘Spicy Ghost Pepper Ramen Challenge’ or ‘The Cinnamon Challenge’ and so on.



Well, some people just dare to do the impossible no matter how absurd it may be. Is eating a week's worth of calories in one sitting worth the pain? Now, let’s take a spin to check out some creative yet crazy food challenges found around the world.

1. Ultimate Superbowl Nachos Challenge

No kidding, guys! Despite the amount of training Matt Stonie had, this American competitive eater attempted to finish a huge bowl of food filled with twelve different items containing 10,000+ calories. I mean...WHAT IS HE THINKING?!


2. ‘Khali Bali Thali’ Challenge

As rhyme-y as the name may sound, this challenge is found in New Delhi, India. It is a platter weighing about 4kg worth of food and must be finished within a timeframe of 40 minutes by 2 contestants. The plus side of this is that the contestants are given the liberty to pick if they want a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian platter.

If you’re looking to try a bunch of exotic Indian food in one go, this is your place!

3. Mega Chicken Rice Challenge

If you grew up in Malaysia & Singapore, chicken rice would probably be a part of your lifestyle. I bet your friends and family will be familiar with the simple yet delicious chicken rice that you can easily buy from Chinese restaurants.

Have you wished for an enormous plate of chicken rice?

This plate of chicken rice weighs 3kg and can be found in Xiang Ji's Roasted Delights in Singapore. The individual who consumes this only has 40 minutes on the clock to empty the plate.


4. Food Combo Challenge

Now this is viral and sounds like a lot of fun!

Imagine all the possible food, drink, sauce and salad dressings mixing up in your mouth. It doesn’t sound totally bad but it all depends on the random combinations you get.

Here’s a little disclaimer though...your feelings for food might get mixed up too.

There is so much more to food than just these challenges. Follow the series Hello I Have Issues Season 3 Episode 8 to discover more about popular food and its trends.


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