Local Food Truck Provides Food For The Needy With Sponsorship From Kind Malaysians

Hats off to this effort!

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Local Food Truck Provides Food For The Needy With Sponsorship From Kind Malaysians
Facebook/Masala Wheels

Assistance on wheels.

During these hard times, we see more and more organisations coming forward to help those in need.

One such organisation is social enterprise food truck Masala Wheels.

Masala Wheels was founded in 2015 and it is an accredited Social Enterprise empowering marginalised communities through sustainable F&B entrepreneurial initiatives.

Pay it forward system

During the crisis, Masala Wheels started  an initiative called #foodwithoutborders using a “pay forward” system, where donors can purchase packed meals in advance for others.

“It started with a local university requesting our help to contribute meals for stranded students on campus because most of them are from B40 families and we managed to raise 240 meals for them on social media,” co-founder Kuhan Pathy told Malay Mail.

So, what started out as an initiative to help stranded students on campus grew to something bigger as generous donors overwhelm them with support.

Hard at work.
They now provide food to, among others, the frontliners at Hospital Sungai Buloh, university students stuck at campuses, B40 families at PPR Desa Mentari and urban poor households identified by local parliament offices.

While their afford deserved a standing ovation, Kuhan said that there’s much more that could be done.

He said the public should band together to assist efforts such as theirs as the beneficiaries required urgent and consistent aid.

Going to those who need them.
“There are many who have lost their source of income (urban poor), their ability to move around to sustain their daily meals (disabled and elderly) or are too exhausted to even get a meal (frontliners).

“At least until the MCO is over, we need everyone’s support to contribute to these people. It’s the least we could do,” he said.

Well guys, you heard them loud and clear.

The food will be delivered to those in need.
If you’re interested in helping out or buying a meal for someone in need, you can make donations to Pepper Labs Sdn Bhd (CIMB; 8008957698) or surf over to their official website.

You will be required to send over a receipt of the transaction upon making a contribution via WhatsApp to 014-3362109 or via e-mail to

Also, if you’re in need of daily support to acquire meals or know someone who might need assistance, you can register beneficiary details at this website.

For more information, you can visit Masala Wheels social media pages or surf over to their official website.

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