UK Man Cheers Fiancée Up By Turning Their Home Into An 'Isolation Inn'

Wow, that’s so thoughtful!

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UK Man Cheers Fiancée Up By Turning Their Home Into An 'Isolation Inn'

How to earn brownie points.

With the Movement Control Order (MCO) being extended for a couple of more weeks, we're pretty sure many of you are running out of fun things to do.

You've tried everything in the book -- learning how to cook, watching every movie there is to watch, wearing a T-Rex suit to walk your dog -- but the boringness is too much to bear.

Well, have you tried building your own in-home pub?

A bar for everybody

Bringing the pub to his fiancee.
According to Ladbible, a man from Bexley, Engalnd did exactly that.

Steve Heming told the news portal that he realised that his fiancée, Madeleine Markey, was beginning to feel the stress of being locked up at home. Plus, they were due to get married in June, but because of the current pandemic situation, their wedding hangs in the balance.

Because both of them love a good pint of beer, he came up with a grand plan: build a little pub for her at home.

Order your drinks here.
"My fiancée has been feeling a bit down with everything going on, and as I could not cheer her up by taking her to the pub, I thought I would bring the pub to her.

"So I made the sign and we ordered the beers,” he told news portal.

Once that was done, Heming decided to not only cheer her fiancée up with the pub, he also wanted to open it up to everyone else staying at home.

Any drink you want.
He then opened the pub to the online world, and has started running online events on his Instagram page (@stevehldn) including holding everyone's favourite, pub quizzes.

That's obviously one way to kill the boredom, amirite? 

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