#MontKiara Is Trending Because Apparently The T20 Doesn’t Know How To Stay Home

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#MontKiara Is Trending Because Apparently The T20 Doesn’t Know How To Stay Home
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What part of quarantine do they not understand...

According to the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, about 95 per cent of Malaysians have been observing the Movement Control Order very well.
So, what about the remaining five per cent of Malaysians? Who are they? Where are they from?
We’re not quite sure who contributed the most to the data but what we do know is that those people staying in Mont Kiara seem to be ‘struggling’ with the concept of staying at home.

Trending topic on Twitter

#MontKiara is currently trending on social media as netizens share photos of residents walking around or jogging in the neighbourhood without a care in the world.
Policemen have made their rounds several times to warn these stubborn fitness freaks but it looks like some of them did not take it seriously.
Netizens criticised the selfish acts of these people and shared what they think about those who don't understand the concept of MCO.
Well, if you see anyone wandering around your neighbourhood without a solid reason, you can always call the nearest police station to report their activity.
Please Malaysians, just like our Prime Minister stressed, stay at home!
We need to work together to help flatten the curve and your selfish act may just lead to one thing or another.

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