10 YouTube Workout Channels To Follow For A Healthier You

Complain bosan kan? Here's something to do

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10 YouTube Workout Channels To Follow For A Healthier You
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We struggle to choose between sleeping and working out everyday too

The number of posts about Malaysians being bored at home that we've seen in the past 10 days since the Movement Control Order (MCO) started is too damn high.

That, and the amount of people who still go out for jogs, football and all 'coz they will die without exercise despite a global pandemic raging outside is simply mind boggling. 

We get it. It's not easy to be cooped up in the house. But the alternative is going out and getting infected/getting others infected with COVID-19. It's all good and fine if you don't mind dying, but please don't kill others. 

OK. Rant over. 

Since physical activity is very important for both our mental and physical health, we thought we would help you find a list of YouTube fitness channels to help you stay active at home.

We tried to pick as varied and option as possible so people of different fitness levels and interests can benefit, so we hope you like it! 

1) The Fitness Marshall

Get your groove on with Caleb Marshall and get your heart pumping. What we love the most about his videos are his enthusiasm and also the back-up dancers who, more often than not, have different level of fitness and skills. 

The videos are fun and before you know it, you're sweating buckets! What better way to get into the whole workout thing than dancing? You can do it alone or with whoever else you're living with for that little extra push when you need. 

Follow his channel here.

2) POPSUGAR Fitness

If you're pretty new to the whole fitness thing, POPSUGAR Fitness is great because the channel features guest trainers who specialise in different forms of exercises such as Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Pilate's, dances and more. 

The guests also have their own YouTube channels so you can pick the ones you like and start following them - or just stick to SUGARPOP for some variety. 

​Follow their channel here.

3) Yoga with Adriane


To be honest, after watching this video and the patience shown in it, we aren't quite sure if it'll help make one less restless or more. Guess it will depend on your own personalities and interests. 

We've tried yoga a few times so we will warn you not to let the soothing tones and slow movement into thinking that this will be super easy. Getting into yoga poses and holding them is no easy task.

However, this particular channel was introduced by a yoga-enthusiast friend for beginners, so we hope it works for you! 

​Follow her channel here.


If you're a bit more hardcore and want to use strength training to build your muscles, this is the channel for you. 

Before becoming a trainer, Jeff Cavaliere was the conditioning coach for the New York Mets baseball team apparently, so you're in good hands. 

Even if you find his videos too hard to follow, there are many that helps you get the right posture and he explains which muscles you're working when you're doing the exercises - something that the nerds in us absolutely love. 

​Follow his channel here.

5) Love Sweat Fitness

If your goal during this MCO period is weight loss or even just keeping the weight off, this is a good channel to follow. 

The trainer, Katie, not only shares workout videos you can follow at home to lose weight, but also her own journey towards leading a healthier life. 

You can say that this channel is a mix of fitness and motivational, which some need especially during this trying time. 

​Follow her channel here.

6) Joanna Soh Official

If you're a goal-oriented person, this channel and the 'burn 10,000 calories in 30 day challenge' might be just the thing for you. 

Sounds crazy, right? Burning that many calories in such a short time. But it's actually not impossible considering that if you divide the number by 30, you'll will get about 340 calories. Most HIIT workout promises to help you burn 300 to 500 calories, so perhaps it is possible. 

But you must be consistent and not curi tulang or take shortcuts when you follow the videos lah.

​Follow her channel here.

7) The Body Coach TV

Yet another HIIT trainer, you may think. But there's a reason we added Joe Wicks to the list. Since the lockdown started in many countries around the world, this guy has been posting up videos for kids called P.E with Joe. 

Although the workouts are geared towards children, you still get a massive workout when you follow them. 

We also love that this guy has videos catering to different fitness levels including a series for seniors. So, get your elderly parents, uncles, aunts or whoever else and get moving! 

​Follow his channel here.

8) Blogilates

We're not gonna lie. Pilates is painful for people like us with weak cores but we're bored enough to go through some pain to kill boredom. Just be prepared to feel the pain even when you laugh two days later. 

Cassey Ho's videos has a little bit of a twist to the usual Pilate's in which she adds some POP element to it, adding some bounces to the steps. 

Her videos are usually 20 minutes or shorter, so if you want more sweat (not that you won't be sweating a lot already) you can also combine it with other workouts you're doing. 

​Follow her channel here.

9) Mike Peele

You'll probably have to spend a good 30 minutes watching this guys video to just get over how good he is before deciding if the videos are for you. 

If you like dancing, this may be the chance for you to up your game and get fitter in the process. Otherwise, just try to copy the movement anyway. Even if it doesn't look half as good, who cares as long as you learn, get fitter and don't injure yourself too much?

Just have fun! 

​Follow his channel here.

10) Nate Bower Fitness

If you're feeling angsty, perhaps a little bit of boxing-inspired fitness sessions might help.

Nate Bower is a certified boxing coach and professional athlete. His channel runs beginners through the basics so you're not completely lost before you start following the most advanced stuff. 

We kinda dig the music he chooses for the workouts too! 

We hope this one will help you release some of the pent up restlessness. Just make sure you're not punching people or any other living things lah

​Follow his channel here.

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