#PolishMountain -- The Latest WTF Trend

Nailed it! Erm, no, not really.

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  • Thursday, 23 June 2016
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#PolishMountain -- The Latest WTF Trend

A long while ago, wearing two different nail polish colours was the 'wildest' thing you could do to your nails. Then things got a whole lot crazier. Women began encrusting their nails with 3D charms and caviar-like beads. Some shaped their nails to mimic claws and the webbed foot of a duck. Others began sticking denim fabric and fur on their nails to give it a different texture.

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And just when you least expect it, a new nail trend has recently emerged, putting its predecessors to shame. Everybody, are you ready for #PolishMountain?

The bizarre beauty fad began when YouTube nail artist, Christine, was requested to put on a layer of every nail polish colour that she owns--and she has 116 of them. The entire process, which took up to 12 hours to complete, was uploaded onto her account, Simply Nailogical, and has, to date, raked up over 11.6 millions views!

Her video has since inspired other nail fanatics to take on the #PolishMountain as well--albeit with a few disastrous results:


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As 'trendy' as this may be, we'll be opting out of this one. The waiting time will drive us nuts! However, if you're giving this a go, send us links to your pictures. We'd love to see your handy work!

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