#TipYourRiders: Malaysians Show Appreciation Towards Delivery Riders By Tipping Them

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  • Wednesday, 1 April 2020
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#TipYourRiders: Malaysians Show Appreciation Towards Delivery Riders By Tipping Them

One of the best things about living in Malaysia, besides the awesome and varied food, is that when things get tough, we have each other's backs. 

This whole Movement Control Order (MCO) has limited our movement, so many who are culinarily-challenged don't have the time to cook or just don't feel like cooking rely heavily on food deliveries. 

These hard working riders have been a blessing to many, and there are those calling for others to tip the riders when possible.

Make their day



While some prefer to give riders cash - in person or using the options on the apps they used - others suggested customers to just order and leave a note to the rider saying the food is for them. 


We have to admit, this is a good idea but you might want to call the rider to inform them that they don't have to deliver the food instead of just leaving a note. Our colleague tried this method today but the rider didn't notice the note and went to the house anyway. 

One Twitter user also reminded everyone to not forget the postmen during this time.

It may be a small gesture and the amount you can afford may not be big either, but all the small gestures add up. 

Thank you, Malaysians, for being good human beings. You guys are the best!

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