#MYHero: Local Fashion Designer Adds A Little Couture Touch To Frontliners' PPE Gowns


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#MYHero: Local Fashion Designer Adds A Little Couture Touch To Frontliners' PPE Gowns

White like an angel.

From Melinda Looi to Khoon Hooi to Alia Bastamam, local fashion designers are working tirelessly to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gowns for frontliners.

The latest fashion designer to join the list is Datuk Jovian Mandagie, whose version of the PPE gowns won praises from Malaysians for being extra classy.

'Pure and clean hearts'

Doing his part.
The 34-year-old recently shared photos of his version of the PPE gown on his Instagram profile, and netizens are in awe with the design and the choice of colour used.

Instead of the usual blue, Jovian created a batch of PPE gowns in a clean and classy white:

So classy and so gorgeous.
Netizens were captivated by the PPE gown, most of whom praised Jovian for his creative use of colour:

The designer, who's known for utilising the Royal Pahang Tenun in his contemporary and classic designs, recently converted his label’s in-house atelier into production space for PPE gowns and headscarves as "a helpful gesture to those who have fought bravely for us".

He explained in another Instagram post that he chose to use white instead of the usual blue because he wanted to "symbolise the frontliners’ pure and clean hearts".

According to Jovian, the first batch of the PPE gowns were dispatched out on Monday (6 April):

On top of the classy white PPE gowns, Jovian has also been handing out hygiene kits to frontliners and those in the essential sectors.

The kit consists of 20 face masks, 16 pieces of gloves and a 50ml-sized alcohol hand sanitiser.

You can actually grab yourself a hygiene kit for RM59.90 on his website.

Thank you, Jovian Mandagie and all the fashion designers out there, for helping our frontliners out! 

You all are, indeed, our heroes!

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