#MYHero: Man Rescues Dog Abandoned During MCO In Ipoh, They're Now Buddies For Life

Such an adorable friendship.

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#MYHero: Man Rescues Dog Abandoned During MCO In Ipoh, They're Now Buddies For Life
Lionel Keith Vytialingam on Facebook

Recued and happy now.

It's like one of those classic Disney animal stories.

Lecturer, Lionel Keith Vytialingam recently saved a scared little dog who was abandoned in Ipoh.

On the collar, the previous owner wrote,“Please take me into your home. Please let me be part of your family. Please love me. I am a goldendoodle. I’m 5-years-old this year and I have not been neutered. I haven’t bitten anyone, ever! I am a good guard dog who will sit in front of your door all day and bark at anyone who come to your gate, Until you tell me to stop. Or, if I know the person very well. I can do some tricks too!”

Heartbroken when he read it, Lionel then decided to take the tired and scared looking dog back home.

All matted up and left to roam with a note attached to it's rubberband collar.

It all started with a good bath

"She's actually really really really affectionate. It's been interesting though because I have taken in many dogs from the streets and been around them over the years, but this is my first experience trying to get a home-bred pedigree settled and comfortable," said Lionel when speaking to Rojak Daily.

Lionel said that the first day after rescuing Siggy, he decided to give her a quick bath to remove all the dirt and left her in the bathroom for a few seconds to grab a towel.

"I came back and found that she had aggressively scratched at the door. Being abandoned must have been a traumatic experience for her and I believe that she has separation anxiety now," he said.

He added that she also refused to eat the food that he bought but drank a lot of water.

"I later brought her to the groomers and was told that these dogs prefer the more "premium" dog food," he laughed.

Before and after pics.

Getting comfy with the rest of the family

Lionel explained that Siggy was obviously a house dog and spent most of her time tailing him indoors.

"I have another dog, Sammo, but that one is what people call a mutt and does not usually enter the house," he said adding that the two get along fairly well.

MCO companions.

He also said that he and Siggy were slowly getting adjusted to each other.

"We're doing OK considering the strange circumstances of us, two total strangers caught homebound with each other...but it's worked out well in that we have all these hours to get acquainted and comfortable with each other's quirks.

"I for instance hold appalams in my left hand while eating with my right, which she seems to find perplexing. And then there's she who has the habit of curling one foot round the leg of a chair or table (or mine!) when she sleeps (upside down usually)," he said.

Always close by.

Siggy won't be permanently at Lionel's place though

On plans to adopt the poodle, Lionel said that it would be impossible for him to actually keep Siggy permenantly.

"I already have a dog at home named Sammo, and in the few times I have tried getting Siggy and Sammo acquainted, only once has the tiny Siggy not tried to attack the much bigger Sammo. 

"I also have asthma and Siggy is a house dog so that is not going to work. Fortunately, my brother has agreed to adopt him once the MCO is over," he said explaining that his brother currently lives in Kuala Lumpur. 

Lionel said that netizens have reached out to ask about adopting Siggy, but he felt the most comfortable giving her to someone familiar. 

"Many people have commented on how such a cute dog could ever be abandoned, but I think that there should be no difference across the board for all types of pets. 

"Pet owners should adopt responsibly. I am not here to judge Siggy's previous owner because I do not know what kind of a circumstance he or she was in. Still, if you cannot take care of your pet, try to look for foster owners, reach out to a shelter or the many NGOs that deal with animals," he said.

Lionel added that abandoning pets on the road was something that no one should resort to doing. 

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