Defying The MCO: Stupid Things People Did To Get Arrested In Malaysia

Why are people like this???

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Defying The MCO: Stupid Things People Did To Get Arrested In Malaysia

Detained for the stupidest reasons

Many of us have that rebellious streak. 

The moment someone says you can't do something, that's exactly when you feel like doing it.

Of course, consequences can be VERY different depending on the level of rebelliousness.

As we enter stage 3 of the Movement Control Order (MCO), we take a look back at some of the most ridiculous reasons people have been arrested for flouting the regulations:

#1 Food, glorious food

A group of 24 people were detained by the cops for queuing up to buy nasi lemak at a stall in Balik Pulau at 2am. 

A Group Of Malaysians Arrested By The Police For Buying Nasi Lemak At 2am

It's the damn ikan bilis sambal! Too hard to resist!

The group even refused to disperse when officers arrived at the scene and told them to do so!

FMT later reported that the 22 customers and the two sellers were ordered to undergo three months community service for the offence.

#2 We live to jog

Now almost everyone got so angry with this group of 'privileged joggers' from Mont Kiara.

Despite repeated calls to stay at home, pictures of joggers leaving their houses to get their daily exercise went viral on social media.

Some were even pictured bringing along their kids!

Anywhoooo, after a final warning by the cops, a total of 11 of them were eventually arrested for not obeying the MCO!

Nowhere To Run: 11 Joggers Reportedly Arrested In Mont Kiara For Not Obeying MCO

#3 Got to party like a rockstar

Yes, in life you've got to have fun but dude, if you have not realised it yet, there's a little thing called a pandemic happening throughout the entire world at the moment. 

Next song, Jailhouse Rock!
Defying orders to adhere to social distancing and instructions to stay at home, groups of people were caught (around the country) having private parties like its just another night at Zouk!

Here are some of the headlines which feature this delusional bunch of individuals.

Now, this is a whole new level of epicness.

According to a report by Astro Awani, police recently arrested a group of 62 people for being involved in organising a water festival in Sepang.

Epic kan!

The group, who were all from Myanmar, were said to have put together the event at their worker's quarters.

Two of them even admitted to filming the "joyous occasion" and uploading it on Facebook.


Stern action against those who flout MCO

If you read all the reasons and are thinking, "hey, macam best jer..", don't.

Don't even think about it. 

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob reminded that police will take stern action against those who refuse to adhere to the Movement Control Order (MCO) during his press conference on Tuesday (14 April).

People are still getting arrested.
The Senior Minister said that a total of 9,090 people have been caught for flouting MCO regulations and a total of 4,036 compounds had been issued so far.

He also said that the police would be issuing less compounds in the future and would bring those who refused to follow the MCO straight to court.

So, don't play play lah, you guys.

We are all a little tired of being at home but hang in there. Lives are at stake. 

Keep in mind that the only way to break the chain of infection is to STAY AT HOME.

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