Image Consultant Reveals Why Our PM Always Appears ‘Laidback’ On TV With Rolled Sleeves

Simple dress up, big impact.

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Image Consultant Reveals Why Our PM Always Appears ‘Laidback’ On TV With Rolled Sleeves
Mstar/Prime Minister's Office

Laidback but presentable.

If you’ve been tuning in to our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s series of press conferences prior to the Movement Control Order (MCO), you’d notice that he always appears laidback.
As a public figure, everything he says, does, or wear will definitely be scrutinised.
Image consultant Asnawi Yusof has ‘analysed’ Muhyiddin’s MCO outfits and presented the reasoning or logic behind it.

Thoughts behind his outfits

He says that during the very first few press conferences, the Prime Minister ditched his blazer and chose a white plain shirt paired with a dark abstract grey tie and also a light blue shirt dark blue-dotted tie.

Psychologically, he is seen as a pure, honest man who isn’t withholding any information.
His choice of ties represents peace and harmony.
“The whole affair felt informal when he didn’t wear his blazer as he wanted to be relatable and closer to the people,” he said.
However, during the Economic Stimulus Package press conference, Muhyiddin dressed smartly to appear as a trusted and charismatic individual as he was presenting the RM250 billion package.
We wonder who dresses the Prime Minister...
Asnawi also added that the PM’s blue outfit was also to diffuse the tension, as he was about to make an announcement about the extension of the MCO.
As for Muhyiddin’s use of language, the image consultant said that when he spoke in English, it was meant to address the T20 class and city citizens while his ‘Makcik Kiah’ analogy was used to explain to the rest of the Malaysians in a layman’s term.
Asnawi’s posting on Twitter has garnered thousands of retweets and many Malaysians thanked him for educating them on something new.
So guys, now you know why the Prime Minister is dressed in a certain way for each press conference. Who knew that simple things like picking a tie and rolling up your sleeves could leave a great psychological impact!

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