(VIDEO) Food Delivery Rider Kills Time By Playing Piano, Awes Onlookers With His Mad Skills

So talented.

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(VIDEO) Food Delivery Rider Kills Time By Playing Piano, Awes Onlookers With His Mad Skills

Mesmering people with his piano skills.

There are so many undiscovered talents out there.

And these talents could be anybody: your colleague sitting next to you, the abang who cleans your office or the food delivery guy who just delivered your lunch.

'Mad skillz'

But first, piano.
A food delivery rider 'accidentally' unleashed his hidden talent to the world recently when he decided to kill time by playing the piano in the lobby of the International Youth Centre in Kuala Lumpur while waiting for his customer to collect his order.

With his red thermal food delivery bag still strapped on his shoulders, the rider lets his fingers fly on the keys of the piano, playing a couple of songs including Hafiz Suip's "Kisah Cinta Kita" and Camilla Cabello’s "Havana".

Unbeknownst to him, a mesmerised onlooker was secretly recording his impromptu performance.
Twitter user @IzatYuan later shared the video clips on the social media site, where close to two million people have viewed them:

"When the customer is taking so long to pick up food, play a round of piano first. Good job, brother," Izat wrote in the caption.
Just like @IzatYuan, netizens were also stunned by the abang rider's performance:
After the video clips went viral, the abang rider by the name of @Amirullah responded to the clips, saying that he was at the venue after a delivery run and seeing that the line is clear, he's decided to put on a performance.
Maybe after all this is over, someone can hire him to play the piano at a classy hotel, perhaps?

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