The Food Delivery Guy Who Never Liked Instruments But Is Now Famous For His Piano Playing Skills

His teacher was YouTube

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The Food Delivery Guy Who Never Liked Instruments But Is Now Famous For His Piano Playing Skills
Izzat Yuan on Facebook and Rojak Daily

YouTube was his teacher.

"If I can do it, anyone can."
This is what the talented Mr Speedy employee Muhammad Amirullah Mohd Zin had to say about learning to play the piano.
Who is he, you ask?

Well, the 22-year-old earned fame recently when a stranger captured him playing the piano while waiting for a customer to pick up their order at the International Youth Centre.
The clip has since gone viral with more than 70,000 likes and 50,000 Retweets.

It must have been a prank

“I got the notifications and  saw how my followers were suddenly growing. I honestly thought it was a prank,” he said when speaking to Rojak Daily.
Amirullah said he never imagined that such a video would go viral but was thankful to all his newfound fans.
“I get loads of messages and requests via PM and I try and answer to as many as possible. It’s just strange cause it’s only me. This boy that learnt the piano from YouTube,” he said.

Here's some comments from fans.

No interest in instruments

Never a fan of musical instruments as a child, Amirullah said that he only decided to start learning the piano in 2017.
“My father was a keyboardist so we had a keyboard at home and I used that to practice.
“I honestly never thought that I would be able to pick it up,” he said, adding that with determination and a lot of practice, he managed to "play a little".
He said that he started to seriously work on his piano skills in 2018.

"I got an electronic keyboard and hooked it up to some recording apps to play around with the sounds. I just took it as a hobby. 
“In fact, I don’t even have a favourite artist or favourite kind of music. I just listen to what’s popular and I try and play it on my own,” he said, explaining that the only place he had ever performed in public was for a friend’s wedding.


A future in music

He said that he never thought of music as a career but after receiving thousands of messages, he would not mind being a musician too.

“I just completed my Diploma in Aircraft Engineering and I’m waiting to start interning somewhere. I’m actually quite worried because of the whole COVID-19 situation but hopefully everything goes well for me,” he said.
He added that being a food delivery rider was just something that he took up about four months ago to while away the time.
“Since the video went viral, my dad has suggested that I start a YouTube page and I will  most probably do it. The only thing is that I’m quite a shy person. I hardly ever show my face in my videos,” he said while laughing.

He sent Rojak Daily a couple of selfies though. :P
 Amirullah also said that he hoped to inspire other budding musicians to pick up the piano.
“Most people shy away from learning the piano because its expensive and classes are also expensive. But you can be like me. Learn it online,” he said, adding that the MCO period was the best time to pick up something new.

If you're looking for tips on how to start playing yourself, get in touch with Amirullah on Twitter

He's been having loads of discussions with fans about equipments, YouTube channels and anything else for self-learners.

Good luck, you guys!

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