Bored Australians Are Glamming Up (And Cosplaying) Just To Take The Trash Out

What fun!

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Bored Australians Are Glamming Up (And Cosplaying) Just To Take The Trash Out
Facebook/Bin Isolation Outing

This is dedication.

If you’re so bored at home and really have nothing much to do, perhaps, you can just dress up to take the garbage out.

We are not kidding! There are people who do that.

In fact, there’s a whole Facebook page dedicated to this ‘cause’.

Aussies going all in

Dubbed ‘Bin Isolation Outing’, the page features Australians dressing up to the nines just to take take their trash out.

If you browse through the page, you’d stumble upon pictures of a woman in a funky 1970s outfit, complete with an afro wig, a paisley jumpsuit, and rollerskates.

Taking out the trash like a true hippie.
You’ll also see a fashion model strutting in high heels and sunglasses while dragging a rubbish bin behind her.

And a father dressed in a penguin costume as he took out the rubbish with his daughters, who were dressed as Minnie Mouse and Elsa from 'Frozen'.

Heck, this is our favourite of the lot:

Jarvis, take out the trash please.
The group’s admin, Danielle Askew, told UK news portal Metro that she created the group after her friend posted about being excited to take out the bin at night and getting to go out.

What started off as a parody page has now turned into a full-blow entertainment site, with over 975,300 members and counting.

The page is so popular, it is averaging more than 1,000 posts a day.

Some even turned up in a wedding dress.
Dressing UP to take out the trash.
OK, this is a little too much.
Maybe it’s time for you guys to try dressing up to take out the trash. Who knows, you might be representing Malaysia in the Facebook group.

If cosplaying is not really your thing and you want something closer to home, maybe you can check out this Facebook page called 'Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni Official', a page dedicated to noobs who want to learn how to cook. 

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