You Can Now Get Your Favourite Ice Cream Delivered To Your Doorstep During MCO

During the MCO, ice cream is essential for your mood!

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You Can Now Get Your Favourite Ice Cream Delivered To Your Doorstep During MCO
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We know a lot of you have never left the house not even once ever since the Movement Control Order (MCO) started on 18 March.
As we enter the third phase, you find yourself starting to miss the things you once took granted for – like going out to buy and eat ice cream.
Well fret not, time to erase those MCO blues away because you can now get your favourite ice creams delivered to your house during this period!

Seeing this photo is making us drool. 

Wide variety of choices

Ice cream aficionados can now order their favourite Nestle Ice Creams online or via WhatsApp through their official distributors.
They can now also purchase them at the Nestle Ice Cream official store on Shopee or Lazada and choose from a wide range of variants such as KitKat, Oreo, Milo, La Cremeria, and many more.
And the best part is, they will come and send it in a Nestle Ice Cream truck, so you don't have to worry about the ice cream melting.

Please come to our house too!
Alternatively, you can personally contact their distributors via WhatsApp to place your order. You can click here for the list of distributors.
The Nestle Ice Cream home delivery service covers areas in Klang Valley and also the rest of Malaysia.
So, what are you waiting for guys? Time to order your favourite ice creams in bulk to cool yourselves down in this hot weather and also to cool down your MCO mood!

For more information, visit Nestle Ice Cream Malaysia's Facebook page.

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