[VIDEO] MYPO Musicians Send 'The Force' To Our Frontliners In Rousing Star Wars Performance

Beautifully put together!

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[VIDEO] MYPO Musicians Send 'The Force' To Our Frontliners In Rousing Star Wars Performance

Playing in symphony for our frontliners.

If you've had front row seats to a live orchestra, you would know that it is simply fantabulous.

The symphony of instruments can instantly evoke emotions - sadness, happiness and even motivate you to move on.

Perhaps this was the intention when the talented musicians from the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) put together a special Star Wars performance (from home) for our frontliners.

Posting the edited video on the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO)'s Facebook page, it features a host of musicians playing their instruments in front of a camera at home.

A unique experience for all

The video also features the enigmatic MPYO Principal Conductor Naohisa Furusawa.

In a written reply to Rojak Daily, MPO said that Naohisa had 'conducted' with the audio of the music while imagining the faces of the musicians.

"Violins on the right side, cellos on the left side and winds instruments on the upper side," said MPO.

As for the reason why they chose Star Wars in particular, MPO said that the piece 'Main Title - Star Wars Suite' composed by John Williams, was one that many people recognised and were familiar with.

"The theme suits the tribute message - May the force be with you," said MPO.

They also explained that the special performance was a continuation of another recent similar campaign 'MPO At Home', which involves the musicians of MPO.

The video, which was uploaded on social media on Thursday (16 April), has already gotten hundreds of likes and comments and over a thousand shares.

Well done, musicians! May the force be with you indeed!

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