The Smartphone With Best Photography & Connectivity: 7 Awesome MEETime Features That You Can Use On Your HUAWEI P40 Series


Improve working efficiency with the HUAWEI P40 Series while we all #StayAtHome.

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The Smartphone With Best Photography & Connectivity: 7 Awesome MEETime Features That You Can Use On Your HUAWEI P40 Series

Check out Huawei's new feature on the P40 Series.

One of the best features introduced in the newly-launched HUAWEI P40 Series is none other than MEETime, Huawei’s innovative video calling feature.

The feature allows you to connect seamlessly even through bad-signal and low-light situations. 

You can even share your screens while on video call, while making annotations and notes on them in real time! All this is driven by the revolutionary EMUI 10.1 operating system.

On top of that, here are seven awesome MEETime features:

#1 Make Video Calls in Excellent Full HD Quality

Throughout this Movement Control Order (MCO) period, the function many of us have to rely on,

be it for work or just to stay in touch with loved ones, is video-calling -- and HUAWEI’s MEETime is the perfect solution. 

The built-in native EMUI app is an absolute game-changer, as it can support up to 1080p video calling between Huawei devices, even in areas where users have weak cellular or Wi-Fi reception, thanks to the powerful optimisations that come with the feature.

#2 More Fun with Real-time Screen Sharing 

Share you screen in real-time.
MEETime also features a new two-way Screen Sharing function that allows users to share information while chatting, bringing users on either end of the call closer to each other. This opens the door to a world of new possibilities across different scenarios.

For instance, when users are shopping online, Screen Sharing lets them take turns showing each other what tickles their fancy. At work, designers and project managers can showcase their work to their client by presenting it using the apps they use via Screen Sharing. 

Furthermore, HUAWEI MEETime is also an excellent tool for recruiters to virtually meet with potential candidates and gauge whether they are a good fit for the role, streamlining the interviewing process, not to mention the time needed for commuting.

#3 MEETime Together 

You can use a third-party calling app too.
HUAWEI MEETime is built on Huawei’s distributed technology, giving you the freedom to use third-party devices to conduct video calls as though they were integrated into your Huawei device. The ecosystem of third-party devices that support HUAWEI MEETime is rapidly expanding.

Kandao Meeting 360°: You can connect a Huawei device with Kandao’s all-in-one conferencing camera to take advantage of its pro-grade features in a HUAWEI MEETime video call.

Drift action cameras: The award-winning Drift Ghost series supports HUAWEI MEETime. You can connect your Huawei smartphone with a Ghost 4K and strap the camera to a bicycle to livestream your most daring adventures via Huawei’s video call functionality.

#4 Network Adaptation

While in poor network quality situations, HUAWEI MEETime uses super resolution technology to compensate for loss of video quality in real time as well as adapt to bandwidth changes to ensure a high resolution and smooth calling experience.

In addition, last year HUAWEI also launched Link Turbo, which combines Wi-Fi and LTE signals to provide much faster download speeds. Link Turbo automatically analyses users’ usage behaviours and network conditions to figure out the best way to deliver the optimal result. 

HUAWEI MEETime adopts the same technology – it automatically switches between a Wi-Fi or cellular signal based on the quality of the connection, and it’s done seamlessly in the background.

#5 Low Light Performance 

Works great even in low light.
Huawei has always been an industry leader in mobile imaging technology. Poor lighting conditions won’t be a problem on HUAWEI MEETime, thanks to the facial recognition technology and optimisations that allow it to perform well in low-light settings. These ensure that you can clearly be seen on a HUAWEI MEETime call even when you’re in a dark room.

#6 Simplicity

HUAWEI MEETime is extremely straightforward and easy to use. It is a built-in feature on certain HUAWEI devices that run EMUI 10.1. All you need to do is sign in with HUAWEI ID, select a contact (who has a HUAWEI MEETime-compatible device) you wish to call, and tap the video call button to initiate a call.

#7 All Calls Stay Private

One of the core design principles of HUAWEI MEETime is end-to-end encryption. All video and audio calls made using the service are encrypted by default. That means you are guaranteed privacy when you are on a video call. 

It's just a smartphone you need to have.

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For more information about HUAWEI AppGallery, click here.

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