Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet The (Potential) iPhone 12!

Looks pretty good, don't you think?

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Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet The (Potential) iPhone 12!

Is your wallet ready for this?

Last week, Apple stunned everyone when they released a new version of the popular iPhone SE.

For a phone that is priced from just RM1,999, the features and design make it a pretty solid buy.

Barely a few days after the iPhone SE was released, Appleheads have something new to oggle on: our potential first look at the upcoming iPhone 12.

A new design?

Over the weekend, a flurry of new iPhone 12 leaks have hit the internet, and if they are proven to be true, we could indeed see a new, much-welcomed iPhone design.

A couple of renders provided by several popular render artists show iPhone 12's new radical design and the renders pretty much confirm one thing: it will feature a metal chasis as previously speculated.

Could this be the new iPhone 12?
According to the render above by Jonas Daehnert (@PhoneDesigner), the iPhone 12 could feature an all-metal chasis similar to the ones found in the iPad Pro or the iPhone 5.

The render also shows a flatter and sharper design that iPhone fans have been clamouring for, for years.

On top of that, Daehnert has also provided a render of the new rear four-camera set up, with the fourth camera slot likely occupied by the new LiDAR sensor, which offers long range 3D mappings of the surroundings around you.

Four cameras? Yes, please!
Interestingly, fellow popular render artist Max Winebach (@MaxWinebach) also rendered a similiar design for his version of the iPhone 12.

According to reliable Apple insider EverythingApplePro, Winebach reportedly based his render from information provided by sources in the phone accessory industry.

He explained that the accesory makers would usually receive CAD designs of upcoming products around this time.

So, it's pretty to safe to say that these renders could be the real deal (keyword: could), although we do have to wait until around September to see if it's true.

Based on legit information.
The SIM card tray has also been moved.
Based on the CAD designs obtained by Winebach, the other major changes from the iPhone of years past (besides the all-metal chasis) are thinner bezels with a higher screen-to-body ratio and a smaller notch.

This would then confirm some of the rumours that have been floating around the internet since the beginning of the year.

Smaller notch? Also yes, please!


Of course, you can't have an iPhone without a new iOS, right?

And if this turns out to be true, we will be seeing a big, albeit not new, feature coming to iOS 14, based on leaked images provided by Twitter user Fudge.

According to Fudge, Apple could introduce widgets on the iOS 14 home screen, and although Android has had this feature for donkey years, Apple's version seems more polished and seamless.

Apparently based on a leaked Apple template.

Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser kinda verified Fudge's renders by providing a look at the widgets in an image he reportedly obtained.

Prosser's image shows an all-new iOS homescreen that appears to mix icons with widgets:

A concept of what the new home screen could look like.
Tech website 9to5Mac reported last month that Apple is indeed working on a build of iOS 14, which has been codenamed 'Avocado'.

According to the website, the tech company is focusing on implementing “real widgets on the iPhone and iPad home screen”.

How many of you would be standing in line?
But like we mentioned above, all these are all still renders at the moment and Apple might just change the design or some of its features, so please do take it with a grain of salt.

If this is indeed the confirmed design for the iPhone 12, it would be Apple's first major redesign of the iPhone since the iPhone X, which was released back in 2017.

Guess it's time to say goodbye to your liver once again, you guys.

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