Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni, The Hilarious Facebook "Support Group" For Failed Cooking Attempts

Laughing and learning together

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Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni, The Hilarious Facebook

Try and try again.

What have most people been busy doing during the Movement Control Order (MCO)?

If you're a true Malaysian, the answer would be food!

Cooking it, eating it and repeating that process. 

That's the Malaysian MCO life. :P

But of course, not all of us are the best of cooks, and that's probably why so many people relate to the Facebook page 'Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni' (MATJHN) - which roughly translates to 'What Did You Fail At Cooking Today'.

Speaking to Rojak Daily, one of the seven administrators of the page, Saifurdin Salleh said that they were shocked at how fast the group had grown.

"We officially started the page last Wednesday, and today we have more than a million members. It's crazy," he said.

He added that the page itself was first initiated after one of its administrators, Akak Delilah posted a picture of serunding that just did not come out quite right.

"She noticed that she got a lot of responses when she posted it and then she came to us with the idea of setting up a page and the rest is history," he said.

The 'us' behind MATJHN includes seven administrators and 32 moderators.

An experienced bunch 

"Most of us have restaurants of our own or have experience setting up groups on social media."

"With that experience, we tried to set up a space where people can share failed cooking attempts and even successful cooking attempts so that everyone can learn."

"Of course I think the page really took off because of the hilarious failed attempts that some of our group members shared," he said.

These are some of the posts from the group.

Dough-nut even get me started!

It's called biscuit cake.

Grey is the new green?

A pau-derful creation.
You said you wanted it well done.Oops, I made a boo boo!

Churros in disguise.

We laugh together and we learn together

Saifurdin, who works full time in corporate communications, said that while everyone has a good laugh at the posts, most of the members were supportive and provided information on how to do things better the next time.

"It's a learning process. We're all stuck at home during the MCO. So we share, we laugh, we learn, we support each other and we just try again," he said adding that the moderators were very strict about what was allowed in the comments.

He said that the team wanted the space to be a "safe" one for all.

"Our team looks at every new post. We also try and look through all the comments and filter out inappropriate stuff related to racism or just weird things lah," he said.

Numbers growing steadily

Saifurdin said that the team were still in shock about how fast the whole thing grew.

"This morning we received 3,000 postings in a minute! That should be some kind of record!" he exclaimed.

He added that there was even a time when they had a backlog of 8,000 posts.

"It's overwhelming, but we understand that it is helping to keep people in good spirits and help them in their cooking journey, so we do it together as a team."

"All of us are volunteers. We do not get paid for anything. This is just our way of helping during the MCO," he said.

So, if you're a new cook, don't worry. Join this page.

Share, laugh and learn together.

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