11 Popular Cafés In Penang That Deliver Food (And Coffee!) To Your Doorstep

Get your coffee fix now.

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11 Popular Cafés In Penang That Deliver Food (And Coffee!) To Your Doorstep
The Book Sandwich Cafe & Roots Dessert Bar

From cakes to yummy sandwiches, get them delivered to you!

By now, we're pretty sure you're sick and tired of eating the same thing over and over and over again.

Are you craving for that perfectly-brewed cup of coffee and fluffy pancakes served by your favourite cafés?

If you're staying Penang, we have some good news for you!

We've found a list of popular cafés in and around the island that offer deliveries during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, so you can now get your coffee fix without even stepping out of your home.

#1 Myarte Cafe

Spicy tuna poke bowl.
This Japanese-inspired cafe has become somewhat of a favourite to many, and thankfully we can still have it now. Expect dishes like Smoked Duck Ramen, Teriyaki Chicken, Oyakodon and a variety of poke bowls that are as flavourful as they are colourful.

Pair them with a cup of Uji Matcha Latte or go fancy with Salted Caramel & Popcorn Shake. If lunch has impressed you enough, do note that their pre-order breakfast packs are itching to take the mantle too.

Delivery area coverage: Penang Island
Delivery fee: Pre-order home breakfast pack (Free). Based on areas, minimum order applied for free delivery. Also available on Grab Food and Food Panda 

#2 The Book Sandwich Cafe

Lobster sandwich.
Pizza and burgers commonly dominate conversations before a food delivery. But for the regulars of this renowned cafe, it has been between traditional Lobster Sandwich, Chorizo Linguine Pasta, Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio and Grilled T-bone Pork Chop.

And especially for the stay-at-home period, Japanese rice bowls and lunch box sets are introduced too. Talk about being spoilt with choices. 

Delivery area coverage: Penang Island
Delivery fee: Chargeable by distance (No Minimum Order). Available on Deliver Eat.

#3 Dandy Modern Food 

The Dandy Wraps.
Often frequented by a diverse crowd, Dandy Modern Food has become a rising star in the contemporary cuisine scene. Therefore, it’s appropriate that the restaurant continues its wave of popularity with takeaway and delivery.

From food boxes featuring Beef Pocket with Cheesy Beef Brisket Fries to Spicy Arrabiata Shell Pasta with Spicy Drummets and more, every mouthful brings excitement to your taste buds. For a fool-proof high tea, get their Belgian cookies and hot chocolate. 

Delivery area coverage: Penang Island
Delivery fee: Free delivery within 5km. also available on Food Panda 

#4 Black Kettle

Peri-peri chicken.
Their favourites are smoked duck slices, honey, spiced onion confit and BBQ sauce sandwiched between a brioche bun, paired with fries and garden salad. Even the thought of putting together such duck burger is tiresome. So, leave it to the experts at Black Kettle.

Other worthy mentions include Kettle’s Peri-peri Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken Pasta and Pomodoro Prawn Pasta. Stock up their freshly baked bread and pastries too.

Delivery area coverage: Georgetown
Delivery fee: Free Delivery for 1km proximity from Black Kettle. Available on Grab Food, Deliver Eat and Food Panda.

#5 Chinahouse

Tiramisu Cake.
Chinahouse is a household name on the island. Having fed the patrons for years with an unrivalled selection of cakes and comfort grubs, it’s no surprise they are open during these times too. Start off with Ginger Bud Pesto Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken, then slid your fork through their signature Tiramisu or Salted Caramel Cheesecake and wrap with freshly brewed coffee.

If you and calories don’t do so well, order their Avocado, Cashew Nut and Feta Salad. Portions are worth sharing but you may shove your sibling aside for that last bite.

Delivery coverage area: Penang Island and the mainland.
Delivery fee: As per Grab Food, Deliver Eat and

#6 Debob Coffee

Chicken chop.
Debob Coffee is no stranger to mainlanders as the cafe is known for its delectable Western food with wallet-friendly price tags. Similar stigma sticks to their current food delivery.

Check out the mainstays on the menu such as lamb chop, grilled chicken, Debob meatballs and various pasta combos. Wash it all down with Caramel Machiato or Chocolate Dream

Delivery area coverage: Bukit Mertajam, Permatang Pauh, Bandar Perda, Seberang Jaya and more.
Delivery fee: Free Delivery

#7 Roots Dessert Bar

Chocolate Brownie Tower.
A good slice of cake can go a long way in terms of happiness. And with everyone at home, a whole cake doesn’t seem like a tall order. Roots Dessert Bar offers isolation a chance to be sweet and memorable, with its array of cakes delivered to doors across Penang Island.

Highlights include Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese, Rose Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie Tower and Watermelon Cake, to name a few. Is someone’s birthday around the corner? Pre-order today. 

Delivery area coverage: Penang Island
Delivery fee: Free delivery with every whole cake purchase. 

#8 Arte Restaurant 

Chargrilled Glazed Pork Ribs.
Fine dining doesn’t often come in the same sentence of take away and food delivery, but Arte Restaurant vouches to enhance your dining experience at home. Think dishes like Chargrilled Glazed Pork Ribs, Pan-roasted Augustus Australian Beef Striploin, Grilled Herbs Crust Lamb Rack and Canadian Lobster Capellini.

For a notch towards perfection, get their freshly baked macaroons and a few bottles of wine. Throw an anniversary or family reunion party without the slightest hassle in the kitchen. 

Delivery area coverage: Penang Island
Delivery fee: < RM100 (food only) or < RM300 (wine only) - RM1/ kilometre from Arte. >= RM100 (food only) or >= RM300 (wine only) distance within 10km radius from Arte - Free Delivery​

#9 Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters

Freshly-roasted coffee.
Staying at home means sipping more coffee. And this cafe-cum-roastery allows you to find out how far you can stretch your love for caffeine even at home. Level up with coffee-making equipment and coffee beans from across the globe.

When not pleasing your palate with distinctive flavour notes of coffee, tuck in their gelato, with six heavenly flavours to choose from.

Delivery area coverage: Penang Island.
Delivery fee: Free Delivery for Order Above RM80. For gelato – Free Delivery for Buy 2 Free 2 Pint Promotion. Also available on Grab Food.

#10 Cafe Lagenda 

Ayam percik with tumeric rice.
Whether it’s the heavenly combination of Ayam Percik and turmeric rice, the spices interplay of Lamb Shank Kurma, or simply the comfort of Nasi Goreng, this traditional Malay restaurant now brings the experience right to your home.

The marriage of colours, flavours and textures leaves an impression but don’t discount on their Western food too, with classics like Chicken Chop and Fish & Chips.  

Delivery area coverage: Penang Island. 
Delivery fee: Free Delivery for RM50. For orders below RM50, delivery fee is RM5. 

#11 Artichoke Cafe 

Artichoke Oven Roasted Rosemary Chicken.
Another celebrated cafe in Butterworth that one should not overlook. Thanks to Artichoke Cafe’s takeaway and food delivery, you can savour their specialities like Rosemary Oven Roasted Chicken, Seabass Risotto and Pork-Bacon Aglio Olio while watching your favourite Netflix series.

Budget-friendly picks like nasi lemak and assorted rice combos are available too.

Delivery area coverage: Butterworth
Delivery fee: Depending on distance. 

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