This #DontRushChallenge Featuring M’sian Dentists Is Probably The Best One On The Internet

All of them are good looking, too!

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This #DontRushChallenge Featuring M’sian Dentists Is Probably The Best One On The Internet
@drhafizzainal Instagram

Suddenly our teeth very pain lah doctor...

Ever since the Movement Control Order (MCO) started, many of you have succumbed to the TikTok trend and have been trying out various viral challenges on the internet.
And one of the challenges that’s currently trending is the ‘Don’t Rush Challenge', a challenge where a group of people share their before and after transformations after blocking out the screen with a makeup brush.
Many Malaysians have attempted the challenge but there was one that caught our attention the most – because it features our local dentists.

'Gigi saya ada heart attack'

Dentist Dr Ibrahim Shah shared the video on his Twitter account and has garnered close to 8,000 retweets and over 201,000 views.
Netizens agreed that this was the most interesting take on the challenge to date, and most of them were gushing at how good looking the dentists are (and their teeth, too!).
Some also hoped that other uniform personnel in the country would participate in the challenge.
Nine other dentists who appeared alongside Dr Ibrahim were @drhafizzainal, @dr.syazwan, @drkaylateh, @drbengee, @izza.aleena, @sailoshni, @dr_syafizah, @ruhilaroslan, and @drfietawfek.
Besides the group of dentists’ version of the #DontRushChallenge, other Malaysians also attempted the challenge which Yuna and her tour mates, Malaysian influencers, and local celebs.

So, have you tried the challenge with your friends yet?

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