Underemployment Is Not Such A Bad Idea

No job is greater than another, only each possessing different sets of skills.

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Underemployment Is Not Such A Bad Idea

Have you ever stopped to think if underemployment could be an option to consider?

If you have not heard of this term before, underemployment is basically someone being employed to a company or organisation that doesn’t fit into his area of expertise. You would be surprised to know that many fresh graduates fall into this category.

In the past few years, millennials did struggle with this question because of several considerations like “Will I have the job of my dreams?” or “Can I get my desired salary with this job?”. Furthermore, the recent Movement Control Order (MCO) has affected many businesses which resulted in some people losing their job.



As tragic as the unemployment may seem, millennials may wonder, “Is there a bright side to future jobs?” and here’s one of the reasons why. We millennials tend to be fussy with our career choices and sometimes we confine ourselves to limited options in a selected field of study.

So, why point this out? Well, as the saying goes “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Therefore, widening our options to work in industries we may sometimes find out of our league or not our cup of tea may be a good thing.

#1 Exposure For Experience


“Every experience, good or bad, is a priceless collector’s item.” - Isaac Marion

It’ll be a tough decision for those of us who are very much career driven because we value our university degree and not to mention the amount of cash spent on that ‘piece of paper’ that qualifies a person into the chosen field of study. On top of that, time is gold! Don’t wanna be wasting it, don’t you?

Stepping foot into a different industry is not a waste of time. One can gain much exposure to the real deal! In some cases, industries tend to collaborate with one another therefore having the knowledge and experience can set you apart for a better promotion and job offers in the future.

So, where are we going with this?



Your current job may not be the best but...IT’S ONLY TEMPORARY! When the rubber hits the road, we can see that the effect of underemployment acts as a milestone to kick start your ‘dream career’ journey. 

#2 Source of Income


Duuuuuhhhhhh! We have jobs to earn a living. Yes, and if it’s that obvious why don’t we just go for any job? Just to be on the same page, the jobs referred to are legal and “not haram” kinds of jobs.

Alright, maybe going for any job is not rational. However, it’s still the way you make some cha-chings! Cease the opportunity to earn so that you may invest in something bigger and better. 

If you’re a student, you may relate to this when you consider looking for a part time job.



For some of us, we need to attend to our family’s daily needs. Hence, in the press for time this choice may be suitable to sustain our family welfare whilst continuing the search for job offers that meet our lifetime goals.

#3 Develop a New Skill


It’s time to ADD A NEW SKILL to your résumé.

If you want to set yourselves apart from the rest, this is one way to do it. Whether it’s a hard skill or a soft skill, the variety to have to offer makes you desperately wanted in an organisation. Check out the video below to spark your brain with some wisdom.

There is more to what you just saw in that video. Stretch to the limits! Also, it is very VERY important that we attempt to excel in those skills (and I don’t mean strive for perfection), so that it may come in handy when we need it the most.

People are so different from one another that at some point we will realise that everyone is equally important and needed to accomplish each other’s goals. So, underemployment isn’t such a bad idea after all.

On the contrary, if you are looking for some common ground, there are much similarities in the types of employees in every industry. Prepare yourselves to be amused by watching this hilarious video on the Types of Malaysian Employees.

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