My Plate Is My Canvas: Malaysian Housewife Creates Stunning Art With Food

Meticulous, beautiful creations.

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My Plate Is My Canvas: Malaysian Housewife Creates Stunning Art With Food
Janet Quik

Serving up loads of talent.

Yes, your tastebuds are probably the most important when appreciating a genuinely delicious meal, but foodies will tell you that presentation plays a huge part too.

The arrangement of items, the usage of colours, the incorporation of different textures - these elements are all critical in creating that perfect dish.

Introducing talented Malaysian housewife / food artist Janet Quik.

Before we even say anything, let us just present to you a couple of Janet's stunning creations. 

Edible Art
A bikini bottom buffet!
Noodles are a girl's best friend.
Fruity patootie.

We know, damn! 

This writer could not believe that everything on those plates were edible. 

"For that last creation (The shocked looking lady with fruits for hair), what is the face made of? Is that paper?" questioned this unbelieving writer.

"Face is made from bread, eyes are from cheese and nori sheets. Lips are made of carrot," replied Janet.


Why food as art?

"It just sort of happened a few years back. I love cooking, I love presentation and I love art.

"My first creations were done for competitions. I remember Nutriplus had a competition that required us to send in creative dishes using eggs. You have to come up with your own creative design for Easter or something," she said.

Oozing with talent.
Those prawn hair ties are precious!

Janet said that after getting good feedback after that competition, she joined other similar contests and the passion slowly grew.

"I'm a housewife but art has always been a favourite of mine, even in school. So, I guess food art is just one way for me to explore my artistic side. 

"The interest could have also been sparked by my late father who was a hotel chef," she said adding that he passed away about 10 years ago.

It's all in the details

An ode to our frontliners.

"When creating a food art piece, details are important. 

"Once I have an idea of a design, I do some research. I look at magazines, browse through different sites and then decide on the ingredients to use," she said.

For the more intricate creations, Janet draws it out first but the simpler ones are done spontaneously. 

Nasi Lemak KL.Grow your veggies and eat them.
"Colour and texture is very important. I try and get beautiful, fresh ingredients to make the artwork pop," said the mother of two.

Some of the ingredients are grown in her own garden. 

"I have fruits and herbs and even corn," she said.

(Not fair, too talented!)

Berry cantik!Sweet to the core.
Janet says that she then uses a variety of tools including curved scissors, tweezers, knives and even decorative punch hole makers to shape the food.

"For a simple design, I take about half an hour. For complicated ones, it can take up to an hour," she said.

An hour? This writer would probably take half a day to "draw out" the details AND still fail.

Picture perfect

"For me, I try and use natural sunlight. When I design something, I make sure that it can be completed before sunset so that I can capture it in natural light. 

"It takes some practice because I do everything on my own. I cook, I create and I take the photos," she said.

Digging a bit deeper into Janet's life, we found out that she was actually a former Miss Malaysia contestant in the 90s.

Blessed with beauty and talent.
"I used to take part in a lot of beauty pageants. The last one I participated in was three years ago. It was the Mrs Malaysia Elite Universe competition, and I won second place," she said.

Other than food art and beauty competitions, Janet said that she also loves drawing and sewing. 

"Creating art makes me feel good. I share my food art quite often on cooking pages online and all the positive feedback just encourages me to create more.

Them beautiful crazy curls.
"I also hope to inspire others to explore art and be creative," she said.

What a truly inspiring and talented woman! 

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