[PHOTOS] Check Out AirAsia’s New COVID-19 Cabin Crew Uniform

Imagine seeing them decked in PPE suits during your flight.

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[PHOTOS] Check Out AirAsia’s New COVID-19 Cabin Crew Uniform
AirAsia Philippines

They look kinda cool and sporty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and every industry worldwide.
Many flights were cancelled and some airlines were forced to go on a temporary hiatus, including local carrier AirAsia.
Many wondered how the world’s best low cost carrier would be operating in the future, or as we call it the “new norm”.
Well, we now may have an idea on how their cabin crew would operate as AirAsia Philippines recently shared a few photos of their new uniform amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sleek new uniforms

Will this be the new norm?
Ready to fly.
The new uniform features red and white coloured PPE suits which was described as “chic and sporty”.
“The fusion of fashion and safety will define the new standards of flying today,” AirAsia Philippines Vice Chairman Sheila Romero said in a statement.
The new PPE uniform was designed by Los Angeles-based Filipino designer Puey Quiñones and was officially launched on a recent recovery flight from Bangkok to Manila.
The designer and his creation.
They even take your temperature before boarding.Stewardess on duty.
It is unsure whether AirAsia Malaysia will follow suit in implementing such uniforms in the future.
But given the severity and duration of the outbreak, anything’s possible.
Ever since the outbreak and Movement Control Order (MCO) started, AirAsia Malaysia has done several rescue mission flights to bring home Malaysians who are stranded all over the world albeit the fleet’s hiatus.
Let’s hope things will get better soon as we can’t wait to catch a flight and travel the world again.

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