British-Malaysian Theatre Company Streams 'Sepet The Musical' For Free On YouTube

It's for a limited time only!

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British-Malaysian Theatre Company Streams 'Sepet The Musical' For Free On YouTube
Liver & Lung

We can't wait to catch it!

"How long do you think it takes to fall in love?" 

"One minute"

"How long did it take for you to fall in love with me?" 

"Much shorter than that"

Who could ever forget the honest and adorable conversations between Orked and Jason in Yasmin Ahmad's award-winning masterpiece 'Sepet'. 

The multiple-layered movie centres around the budding love between Orked and her mata sepet friend Jason, a story that stole the hearts of many Malaysians.

Last year, the beautiful story was turned into a hit musical.

Now, the British-Malaysian theatre company behind the musical, plans to stream it online for free.

Following in the footsteps of Andrew Lloyd Webber and other theatre makers, 'Sepet The Musical' will be released at 9pm on 1 May and will stream until 9 May on the company's YouTube page.

A moving rendition.

An emotional journey

“Tapping into the magic that Yasmin Ahmad created was incredibly humbling. People were in tears every night. We had something incredible in our hands."

"We saw people from all walks of life come and watch the show, and they all took something away from it,” said Shafeeq Shajahan, founder of Liver & Lung and director of the musical.

Adorable lah!
With a run time of 1.5 hours, Sepet The Musical tells the story of two teenagers in Ipoh.

The musical features Joshua Gui as Jason and Badrika Bahadur as Orked and was recorded live at GMBB in September last year.

“These are unprecedented times and Liver & Lung aims to continue celebrating innovation and creating art,” said Hannah Shields, co-founder of Liver & Lung and choreographer of the musical.

Shafeeq and Hannah. A talented team.
On top of the free streaming, there will also be a live talkback session at 9pm on May 2nd with the creative team. 

So, mark it on your online calender guys. This is going to be one local musical that you should not miss.

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