Muslim Man Takes Care Of Neighbour’s Blind Dog After They Abandoned It

There are still kind souls in this world.

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Muslim Man Takes Care Of Neighbour’s Blind Dog After They Abandoned It
@syahmibaek Twitter

Good guy saves good boi!

Ever since the Movement Control Order (MCO) started, news of people abandoning their pets during the MCO due to the fear of contracting COVID-19 from them are on the rise.
While some irresponsible people are sadly abandoning their pets, a good samaritan recently went viral for taking care of his neighbour’s abandoned dog.

Dog waiting for its owner to come back

Twitter user @syahmibaek recently shared the story of his brother who has been feeding and caring his neighbour’s dog that was abandoned after they moved out.
The dog is apparently blind and what’s even more heartbreaking is that the canine has been waiting patiently for its owners to come back and get him.
“Everyday the dog will sit in front of the house from morning until night waiting for its owners,” Syahmi said.
“Now my brother is the only person the dog has to take comfort in.”
Unfortunately, their family is unable to adopt the dog full time, so they hope that someone will step forward and adopt the dog since its owners have gone missing.
The tweet has garnered over 12,000 retweets and over 17,000 likes to date.
Netizens were sympathetic towards the dog’s plight and thanked Syahmi’s brother for looking after it during these trying times.
Good job, young man! We hope someone will be kind enough to take in the dog soon and give it a forever home.

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