This MasterChef Australia Judge Says Contestant’s Wonton Filling Isn’t “Crunchy Enough”

Who would even enjoy crispy wonton fillings in the first place?

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This MasterChef Australia Judge Says Contestant’s Wonton Filling Isn’t “Crunchy Enough”
The Chronicle AU/The Spruce Eats/Ulyana Verbytska

Wonder what else he said...

Remember the whole "Rendangate" that happened in 2018 on ‘Masterchef UK’?
A quick refresher: Malaysian contestant Zaleha Kadir Olpin was criticised by judge Gregg Wallace because her chicken rending “wasn’t crispy enough”.
Well, in the latest episode of people trying to whitewash Asian food, a MasterChef Australian judge recently drew flak after he left some comments about a contestant’s wonton dish.

Not crunchy enough

Judge Andy Allen told contestant Brendan Pang that his wonton’s filling isn’t “crunchy enough” in the latest season of ‘MasterChef Australia: Back To Win’, where eliminated contestants return for a chance to win the coveted title.
Brendan's wonton dish.
It's judgement time.
“I’m sorry but mine is not crunchy,” he said, despite an audible crackle being heard from fellow judge Jock Zonfrillo taking a bite into the dish.
“That’s soft, so in my opinion, it doesn’t meet the brief,” Allen added while pinching at the wonton filling.
Former MasterChef Australia season 2 winner, Malaysian-Australian celebrity chef Adam Liaw, immediately took to Twitter to defend Pang’s wonton dish.
Hear, hear!
Liaw says that the meat-containing portion of a wonton doesn’t need to be crunchy and the issue is turning out to be like the crispy rendang gaffe once again.
Several Twitter users also agreed with Liaw and also pointed out Allen’s lack of familiarisation with Asian dishes.

So, have any of you eaten a crunchy wonton with crunchy fillings before?

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