Why We Delight In Hating Trendy Things

What might be the reason behind why we are inclined to announce our defiance from the norm?

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Why We Delight In Hating Trendy Things

“I’ve never watched an episode of Money Heist”
“Game of Thrones is so overrated”
“Me? Listening to Taylor Swift? Over my dead body”
“I don’t get what’s the rave with Bubble teas.”
Do you know anyone who’s always ready to tweet out some unsolicited unpopular opinion about trending topics? The kind of person who would seem to attack anything that has a large following? Well if you do and you’re wondering why, then let’s dig deeper into the minds of people who are against the saying “Let people enjoy things”.


Remember when everyone was on their toes waiting for Avengers: End Game to finally hit the cinema? social media was taken by storm with theories of how the franchise will conclude and tweets after tweets of people going “awww” at Tony Stark’s fatherly affection towards Peter Parker flooded the timeline.
Amidst all that commotion, came the group of killjoys who took it to the internet to let everyone know how little they care about anything that is trending even going as far to mocking and patronising.


Why does this happen? In the age of social media, the answer would be traffic. An opinion that is considered controversial enough would drown the point of views of others. This deviates the attention away from what’s trending, and instead, have the spotlight pointed towards them. Simply put, they just love the attention. But could there be a deeper rationale to this?


It all boils down to the behaviour of human beings. In social psychology, human beings have evolved to form a hierarchy of dominance. That’s where the saying humans are at the top of the food chain came from (though we’re not actually lol). By belittling a group of people’s interests, they are attempting to show dominance. This in turn, will give them an ego and self-esteem booster.

It’s also possible that these people who attack popular things are at core rebellious. They have the tendency to overthrow the group’s status quo. However, rebellions in this context often seek to be seen as different, but refusing to be cast out completely thus explains why these groups of people rarely express opinions that are perhaps too morally or socially controversial and are satisfied just poking fun at mainstream issues like hating the Joker film.

It could also be an example of group polarisation which reinforces the argument of seeking dominance. Group polarisation is phenomenon where individuals who are part of a known group express more extreme views together than they would on an individual basis. This simply means, if you're a mediocre BTS fan, and you hung out with a bunch of other mediocre BTS fans, all of you collectively as a group will transcend to obsessive fans and start a stan account lol. So, what better way to impress and show dominance to a group of people unified than by expressing that you are unfazed by the point of view of the majority?

More than anything this group of people takes pleasure in feeling special and unique. They need to appear enlightened above everybody else. While people often rely on popularity to determine quality and weigh out opinions, these individuals crave novelty and desperately want to be a part of something that is exceptionally rare.

In all honesty there is absolutely nothing wrong in having an opinion whatever it may be. There is no need to be defensive when people don’t share the same kind of love and obsession towards the things that you do. But this does not permit you to rain on everybody else’s parade either. The takeaway from all of this is that we should tolerate each others’ point of views as our differences is what spark our ability to think out of the box.
Imagine if Thomas Edison was scared to introduce the light bulb because he was afraid to challenge the norm of using candles? We would still be living in the dark. Heck this article won’t even exist!


So don’t be afraid to be a part of the mainstream trend or wander off into your own direction too! You may never know where the road will take you. If you’re still eager to know more about trends and how it affects people, watch this episode of WTF: Ikut Trend where rapper Zamaera and Juzzthin share their opinions on keeping up with current trends.



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