Japanese Fashion Label Launches Lace Bra Masks And Of Course, They Sold Out Immediately

When are we going to have this In Malaysia?

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Japanese Fashion Label Launches Lace Bra Masks And Of Course, They Sold Out Immediately
Twitter/Atsumi Fashion

Giving your outfit a little sexiness.

You can always count on Japan to come up with some really crazy, weird stuff.

And usually, these crazy products sell out the moment they are put on sale.

Like this line of lacy bra face masks, example.

Sold out like hot cakes

Since the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc all around the world, essential items such as face masks have been on short supply.

To cope with the demand, a Japanese fashion label called Atsumi Fashion has come up with a brilliant innovation: lace bra masks.

Comes in all colours.
According to Soranews, the lace bra masks started off as a joke, but the product was met with a strong response from Japanese netizens (of course, right?).

Thus, Atsumi Fashion figured that they could make the lace bra masks a trend, and a trend it became.

Fancy getting one?
If lace isn’t really your thing, they also make masks in simpler designs:

If you want something more simple.
The masks, which cost 1,490 yen (RM60) each, became so popular, they sold out on Atsumi fashion’s online shop, Lingerie Lab and on its Rakuten store the moment they were put on sale.

In fact, even Japanese model Aya Kondo is a fan of the lace bra mask:
But don't worry, guys; the company, which initially only made 250 units of the masks, are currently in the midst of making more due to the overwhelming demand.

However, Atsumi Fashion said on their website that the lace bra masks were not meant to be a replacement for surgical masks, so if you're a frontliner, please do not even consider replacing them with this lacy alternative.

So, any fashion brands in Malaysia want to give this a go?

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