How Well Do You Know Your Skincare Regime?

Expensive products don’t mean a thing if you don’t know how to properly use them.

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How Well Do You Know Your Skincare Regime?

Social  media has really played a major role  in creating awareness on skincare this past decade with get-ready-with-me videos on Youtube and skincare threads on Twitter. It’s just so easy to get your hands on any new skincare regimen.


But it’s easy to get spoilt for choices with the endless number of products on the market especially when you think the pricier the product, the better it performs on your skin. That’s not necessarily the case. Method of application and choosing the most suitable products for your skincare often is the deal breaker for a flawless skin.


Do you think you’re a skincare connoisseur? Test yourself with this skincare quiz.





Disclaimer: This quiz is provided for information only. It is not intended to replace a consultation with an appropriately qualified practitioner.


In case you haven’t noticed, climate change is happening all around us, and for a sunny country like Malaysia, the thinning of the ozone layer is causing a tremendous amount of UV rays to penetrate our atmosphere thus causing heighten skin damage as compared to centuries before.



So it’s really important to pay extra attention to your skincare routine more than ever. Plus, with the makeup industry booming, there is a need to ensure your skincare regimen are able to keep up with the multiple amount of stuff you’re terrorizing your skin with!


If you’re still figuring out what is the best products for your skin. It’s always crucial to identify what type of skin you have. Is it normal, dry, sensitive, oily or combination?




You can check by consulting a dermatologist or heading to pharmacies and facial spa centers that offer skin analysis service.


This is a significant step and let us illustrate to you why : Lisa has a dry-skin type but she self-diagnosed her skin as oily type because of the tell-tale greasy nose and shiny forehead. Next, she buys herself a foamy cleanser to treat her skin condition. But she noticed it has only made it worst. (WHY…?)


Here is the issue, when you use an oily-type skincare like a foamy or bubbly cleanser for a dry skin condition, your skin will become more dehydrated and in turn will produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture, which is why dehydrated skin can be easily mistaken for oily skin.


There's always more room to learn when it comes to knowledge. So, always research and ask around how you can make better with anything that you do so you can harness the power of being both a beauty with brains!


Miss World Malaysia, Alexis Sue-Ann is just one beauty with brains we can’t take our eyes off! Watch as she breaks down the nature of glamour without neglecting the importance of proper grooming.



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